To steal something small. Or to steal something quickly.
I yoinked the candy bar when the clerk wasn't looking.
by Samuel Throckmorton November 18, 2010
to grab you dick yoink it up and down
well i've got to go and yoink my snake
by joshua morton July 09, 2004
A phrase used now in the video game, Halo Reach, when one played steals another player's kill while he was assassinating him.
xXMLGxH4ckaXx: Dude for real?!

dinasur99: What?

xXMLGxH4ckaXx: You totaly just "yoinked" my assassination!
by xXMLGxH4ckaXx September 20, 2010
Yoink refers to grabbing something swiftly away from someone or someplace, adj. to steal, to take. Usually slyly with one fresh motion.
"Yoink" is a term yoinked from The Simpsons.
by Matt Dorter February 13, 2007
noise made when object is stolen.
he said "yoink" when he jacked the airplane.
by the pope January 09, 2005
A word coined for "The Simpsons." It is the noise made by one of the characters in the show when they swipe or grab an object away from another character. The word was created by longtime Simpsons writer George Meyer, who claims that he was inspired by The Flintstones in coining the word.
Homer said yoink when he grabbed the hot dog from Bart.
by Donald Byrne January 28, 2008
An exclaimation used to express theft. The more obvious the better. Also usually followed by running.
Marge: Mmmm. You don't have to start drinking right away. I waas
thinking we could go for a bike ride.
Homer: But Marge, the barflies are expecting me. Larry, and Barney,
and that guy who calls me Bill.
Marge: But you look better, you don't sweat when you eat any more, and
look -- holds up a wad of cash you've saved more than a
hundred dollars. I found it in your pants.
Homer: snatches money Yoink!

see also
by J. Marcson June 21, 2005

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