If you say this before you snatch someone's bagle/cig/whatever, you aren't really stealing.
"Mmm, bagle..."
by Glenn Towle August 09, 2005
A sound effect created by Don Martin of Mad Magazine used to indicate the rapid pulling or removal of an object, much like 'Pow" or "Bam" would indicate a punch or hard hit in a Batman comic. Later used numerous times by characters on The Simpsons to indicate quick grabbing of something belonging to others.
"It's mine", said Bart. "No, it's mine", said Lisa. "Yoink!". Now it's mine, said Marge.
by jfdnt November 20, 2012
verb: 1 ) to take something by stealth or speed
2) an exclamation to indicate this type of action
i yoinked the CD from his collection.

i moved in on his girl at the late night party. yoinks!
by o dizzle dogg May 09, 2006
A word to describe the act of stealing something. First used online in social networks sites by COK™ in the act of thieving hugs and kisses. The expression quickly made it's way to the real world where popular television series like 'The Simpsons' shamelessly copied the saying and claimed to invent it themselves.
You just "yoinked" my hug!!
by Cok™ January 25, 2013
I had to give the old chap a yoink before I went on a date with my mates mum, otherwise I might have jizzed all over her tight top, and thus, her wonderful norks
by chopsy May 17, 2003
To Yoink is to jack off a guy.
I reached down & gave him a yoink.
by whatrucrayzee December 28, 2005
A Halo Reach medal awarded for killing an enemy who is currently being assassinated by your teammate.
Halo announcer: "Double kill!" "Triple Kill!"

Player: "I just need one more kill and...."

Halo Announcer: "Yoink!" "Overkill!" "Extermination!"

Player: "Yes!"

Player's Teammate: "Wtf man, you stole my kill!"
by Super Spartan December 15, 2010
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