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1. Originally it denotes someone from New England.

It is now used in reference to those from the United States, since "American" isn't actually a nationality, and people didn't want to needlessly insult those from North and South America by equating them with those from the US.

2. To pull something.
1. "Bloody hell! We've got to rescue the Americans from all those Yanks!"

2. "Bloody hell! Don't Yank my doodle like that!!"
by AnonymousGuy November 24, 2003
1.Short for "Yankee"

2.An American from the NORTHERN United States,not a term for all Americans like most British people seem to think.Southerners are called Rebs or Rednecks.Most of the stereotypes posted here by the British pertain to Southerners too,most of us Yanks are pretty liberal.The north and south USA are almost like 2 different countries (they nearly were) and the rest of the world doesn't seem to notice that.You won't find many fat rednecks in Vermont or Rhode Island.
George W Bush and Britney Spears are NOT Yanks. (thank god)

The KKK are NOT Yanks. (thank god as well...)
by idunno? August 09, 2004
A cock. A dick. A penis.

This is a NOUN, not a verb.
Marcy said: I can't wait to jump on Chad's YANK tonight!
by Jazzybeany January 13, 2012
The act of taking ones hair out if yours looks like Yvonnes.
Nappy ass bitch, gotta take yo hair out cause it looks like shit, YANK.
by YANKYANK December 13, 2009
to drnink
"hey dude u wanna yank?"
"hell yeah lets get shit faced!"
by Sam Witwiki August 17, 2009
What some (ignorant) Britons call Americans.
Those Yanks can't speak proper English.
(note- this is just an example, not my opinion)
by "Kane Millard" May 30, 2004
To be in a huge hurry.
She was in a real yank to get to the movie on time.
by gramur errer April 10, 2009