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an archiac and insulting word that people from other countries use to describe americans.
"hey, that makes u a yank."

"eat shit fuckhead."
by a February 12, 2004
to grab aggressively
"yo bitch, stick your head outta that window so i can yank you out and beat your ass!"
by JLzz February 07, 2008
A British/Australian term for all Americans, regardless of position. We don't care if it's really a shortening of 'Yankee', or northern Americans. We just fucking use it this way.
"Damn, this giant Sony camcorder got eaten by a South African monkeyfish. Fucking Yanks"
Guy 2: "Fucking yanks."
TV: "Food poisoning spreads throughout a Martian colony. It's believed to be caused by China." Guy: "Fucking yanks."
by Googol May 27, 2005
A person from New England, specifically Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Usually proud of their heritage, especially proud of their ansectors' actions in the Revolutinary War. Most likely a liberal.
"She's a yank from Vermont."
"The yanks are pretty democrat, they don't like Bush at all."
The Yank states are blue states.
by ch1ckad33 May 27, 2007
A bastardized abbreviation of the word "yankee", it originally denoted a person of New England heritage. It then was used by people from the southern United States to refer to people from the northern U.S. in general. Today, this abbreviated slang term is used mostly by people from foreign anglophone countries to refer to Americans in general, even though it is a term which ONLY defines somebody from New England (and is a phrase that most true yankees take pride in), but most Europeans are probably too ignorant, jealous, and stupid to care anyway.

Most rational people would tell them to get a reality check, but I, personally speaking of course, would tell them to get a bar of soap first, because lack of hygiene seems to be more of a pressing issue with these people than lack of intelligence (though it's a pretty close call).
Hey, look at that guy! He's cheerful, smells like he has taken a shower within the past month, and is wearing a suit that looks like it's worth more than three dollars... HE MUST BE AN AMERICAN! That bloody yank!
by 5th Column April 27, 2003
Slang for Yankees, which refers to all the people of the United States, particularly those of the northern and New England states. This word is most often used by the Australian and British. Contrary to some uneducated beliefs, the diverse and multicultural people of the U.S. have greatly influenced the world in culture and lifestyle through their coveted media industry. Also notable is the country's position in fueling the global economy and the amount of aid, both financial and military, given around the world, which far exceeds any other country.
1. Aussie Guy 1: (While stopping at McDonalds after shopping at Target)Have you seen that Australian movie: The Castle?
Aussie Guy 2: We make movies? I thought the movie industry was the Yanks' job.

2. English Professor: Now now class, it is time to study the two world wars, and how those crazy Yanks bailed us out twice...
by Emma Kilyeu May 13, 2008
(verb) to leave abruptly; to leave a situation in a hurry

(noun) Coffee; cocaine; energy drink
Its been fun, but I think its time to make moves and yank.
He came by and dropped off the materials for tonight's project, and then just yanked.

(noun)Its Friday night, we should get some girls to cooperate, a case of beer and a sack of yank.
by roachgnarly November 23, 2013