A term that people in the urban areas of Philadelphia use as a substitute for dollar.
Person 1: Ayo, lemme get a yank so i can go get somethin to drink.

Person 2: I gotchu, lemme c if i got some bills first.

Person 1: Ayo them niggas at da chink tried to burn me for a yank da other day!

Person 2: Damn for real??!
by AceBaby93 August 31, 2009
A word originally meaning someone from New England, then the Northern U.S., then the North-Eastern US (those states that were always non-slave states). Now means the moderate type of American that the rest of the world can get along with (even those from the South), as opposed to the people like George W. Bush or Britney "we elected the President, so he must be right" Spears, or, at extremes, the KKK.
American: I don't want any of this "Real Ale". Where's the Budweiser?
Brit: *grimacing* Oh well, at least you're a yank not a redneck.
by Unbearable Oddness of Being April 21, 2005
to sit on a janky orgy bed, possibly in a janky motel and watch mindless television, mainly cartoons and reruns of old shows.
BRO 1: Hey, I'm yanking your gf.

Other guy: ...

Let's go to a janky motel and yank.
by BROshanS May 17, 2011
A word to describe a horrible smell/taste.
"Yo, those shorts smell yank".
"Dude, that pot of rice has been in the fridge for almost 2 weeks. It's starting to smell like yank".
by Marcus Ernandes Fiaz May 22, 2014
1 An American
2 An American from a northern state(like New Yorkers like me :)

many Europeans view us as fat idiots bt indeed we are not in fact MOST of us are smart, cultured ,healthy,and have half a brain (exept New Jersey lol)
Yanks own and you know it
by usafpilot May 26, 2005
used by black people that are not of american descant
(haitians,jamicans,etc) to describe black americans
ex: look at that yank right there he been wearing that white tee all week

ex: you seen the news deshawn got locked up for robbing a liquor store damn that yank just like his daddy he probably going to meet him for the first time in jail how his moms gonna get money to smoke crack now smh
by lets keep it real October 07, 2011
adjective describing something extremely unfortunate, wack, messed up or ridiculous
Teacher-"Today we have a pop quiz!!!"
student-"Dog..that is so yank.."
by thatblondechick January 06, 2009

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