A satirical insult Americans can use on their fellow Americans. Yank can be used in place of excessively overused derogatory words such as jew, fag, retard, gay, etc.
Yankee 1: Hey man I totally just owned your score on that last math exam.
Yankee 2: Shut your freakin' mouth yank.
by MoarMeagan March 29, 2009
in philly yank means dollar
yo let me get a yank real quick
by nard money bags May 14, 2006
Purely and simply an american
'In this day in age yanks tend to whinge more so than the British.'
by Cant help but be an american idiot February 20, 2006
Some idiotic morons that think they're America.
Oh, did you seen that yank, he thinks that they're the only country in America, what a twat.
by SirBlake March 08, 2011
a dollar
yo, the burger cost a yank.
by klm9023 January 16, 2009
A dance popilarized by the hip hop/snap music group Cash Camp in their single "Crank Dat Yank". Instructions on how to do this dance can be found in the lyrics: "Lean to the left,now lean to the right, throw that bitch up,ready now ride, watch me crank that yank. To "ride" you move your wrist as if turning a steering wheel on a car, and the "yank" is just doing the motorcycle Joc'nwhile walking it out at the same time.
Hey bruh, did you see Cash Camp cranking dat yank in their video?
by E12 January 27, 2008
a word used to describe male masturbation
a. he yanked it so hard he got tired

b. im gunna yank u so hard ull spew cum
by cum January 01, 2008

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