The counter measure to YOINK;
To steal something back(Legally);
used in before being called a skank for stealing something that was prefiously taken from you.
Yoink(stole food from friend)
Yank(friend takes food back before first bite is taken)
Your a skank(previous stealer shows what a douche the new stealer is)
by thedudeJDAOS February 18, 2008
Any person from the small colony of the Empire Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Nothern Ireland named the USA

A Person who thinks there is a single British accent

A person whos life is surrounded by celebrities and material things

A person who likes fast food

A person who turns up late for everything

A person that has no idea why they started something and no idea how theyre going to finish it

Someone who can not handle real alcohol

Someone who likes to shoot people

Someone who thinks war is a past-time

Someone that thinks British people all have cockney accents or posh royal accents

Someone who thinks USA won Vietnam

Someone who can not point where Europe is on a map

Someone who is american and thinks theyre irish if their great great great great great great great auntie once removed was from the Isle Of Man

Someone who thinks Bob Hope is american

A person who is unable to correctly pronounce: Leuitenant, Aluminium, Route, Nuclear or Leicester

A person who can not understand irony

A person who thinks football is soccer

A twat

A self-pitying wanker who thinks pizza is an american cuisine

A person who is hated by the whole world

A general derogatory term for anybody
american walks into an english pub
american: can i have a light beer
bartender: i'm sorry what?
randomer with a pint of john smiths: he's a dozy yank, give im a pint of piss, he won't be able to tell!

fuck, you sound like a yank

its pronounced LEFFtenant, stupid yank

how many wars have you lost in this century so far mr yank?

since when did you buy that worthless piece of yank shit?it'll break before weeks out

the yanks couldnt win a war with the french

oh my word, have you seen the size of that bloke?
yea, he is deffo a yank

fuck off yank! WE DRINK BEER IN EUROPE
by god_sidge October 06, 2009
Another term used for money. Is a dollar.
Yo Tom can I get 50 yanks from ya.
by JNG November 18, 2006
A cute little word that aussies, brits, kiwis and south african people use to describe Americans...on the internet.

You rarly hear this term used to the face of an American in a real life situation because Americans are intimidating to faggy little euro-twats and southern hemisphere kangaroo fuckers.

Some take offence to the word for some reason...
E-english person: Yestah'day I fooked dis goffik bird an den i Came in er' air'! iT was propah mint.
E-engish person #2: Dats gr8 m8! I waz down at mc Donalds an i told dis mosha to get an aircut! den I add a wank in da baff-room.
E-American/ yank: What the fuck is wrong with your country?
by CUNT-TARD November 29, 2005
See hand crank if you a yank :o)
by Itchy-Muff June 18, 2004
v. - to yank:

When someone says something so incredibly stupid, it is often necessary to yank them on the back of the neck in the spirit of reprimand and public humiliation.
Aaron: So, 3+5 isn't 8?

Charles: No! YANK!
*yanks Aaron*
by Beastinxcbebe September 25, 2007
A dollar. Termonoligy used by young bul's in Illadell
Yo dude, lemmmi get a yank, i ain't got no singles
by Finesse April 12, 2005

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