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A pass time once common in U.K. and Canadian cities where drunken white youths would lay the boots to an unsuspecting Pakistani refugee.
Let's have a few beer and go paki bashing, eh?
by left4ded April 17, 2005
A Canadian. Also the name of a hockey team.
I live in Canada, I'm a Canuck.
by left4ded March 23, 2005
A store which out sources Canadian and American jobs to third world countries in order to sell cheap merchandise to third world refugees in Canada and America.
We're going out of business, a Wal-mart opened in our city...
by left4ded April 17, 2005
A legal way to advertise a massage which ends with the man receiving a hand job.
A full body massage costs 40 dollars for half an hour.
by left4ded April 13, 2005
A membrane covering the vaginal opening of a virgin.
I wanna bust that girls hymen.
by left4ded March 30, 2005
A mostly antiquated term that was used predominately in the U.S. and
Canada refering to people of Irish descent
who have black hair.
Most of the stories about the black Irish are myths. They are just people of Irish descent. Not all Irishmen have red hair and freckles.
by left4ded April 13, 2005
A girl who enjoys having her face ejaculated on.
She likes it when you pull it out and shoot all over her face.
by left4ded March 30, 2005

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