N. V.

2)To pull violently

1) Originally used by southern americans as slang for northern americans during the american civil war. Now used by the other English speaking nationalities to mean American.

2) To exert sudden force on an object towards oneself.
Englishman: You know, I usually hate yanks but you're alright

American: No, you don't hate americans, you hate the economical and political attitude of the USA to the rest of the world.

Englishman: (surprised) Never thought of it like that...Want a pint?

American: A whole one?!?

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son: these weeds just won't come out
father: just give 'em a yank
by Leith February 25, 2007
Short for Yankee, someone from the N.E. United States (mainly New England).
I met a Yank from Connecticut.
by left4ded March 23, 2005
what the british, australians, new zealander, etc. call americans.

the yanks really are a diverse lot. some are smart, some are dumb. some are hot, some are fat (where i live, the fat ones are mostly mexican). they tend to be ridiculed by the world because of the poor excuse of a president they had to deal with from 2000-2008 and the fiasco of a war he started.
i moved to san diego from cairns 7 years ago, and i must say, the yanks aren't as bad as we all think and say. most of them are quite friendly, and intelligent, with a touch of "american pride" that i find quite comical. and believe it or not, they do use the metric system, and about 90% of them hate bush.
by AuSSiE BuGGaZZ January 12, 2010
The word british people describe Americans as.
" that yank is crazy."
by keke G. December 17, 2007
Me. I don't mind being called a Yank, since us Yankees winning the American Civil War and keeping the country together (no thanks to the British) is part of my family's heritage. Thanks for reminding me. I don't particularly mind being called fat and stupid either, because I'm not. So go right ahead. I get my news on the internet from various sources, making sure to check the left and the right, and I don't watch TV, so go ahead and call me ignorant or brainwashed or whatever. Oh, I'm racist redneck, too. So racist that my best friend is asian american and another of my close friends is from Singapore. I guess I am a bit of a redneck, though, I like to fix my own car when I can and generally be self-reliant.

I'm an American and I love my country. If you can accept that, I have nothing against you. If not, you can go fuck yourself, because in the end, it just doesn't matter if you hate America. Doesn't matter at all.
America hater: I hate America! You are all a bunch of nationalist bigots!

Me: *shakes head at the irony of it*
by SalientAlien July 03, 2005

1. a person from or living in the United States, a US

2. to vicimize or harass someone
Just because I am a yank does not mean I am fat, stupid or any other of those stupid generalizations about us.
by The Return of Light Joker October 25, 2007
The stereotypical term that the ignorant percentage of the British population use to define an U.S. Citizen, or someone with a North American accent, even if they were originally form Britain. Good luck to the Brit who calls a Boston Red Sox fan a Yankee.

oi bruv yus see dat dumb yank? bet hes on 'is way to mcnasties

actually hes a vegetarian. he also graduated from berkley.
by bisonboy December 20, 2008

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