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23 definitions by shonny

Contraction of 'god did it', a sarcastic term to show that the explanation for something is based on religious belief, and not sound arguments.
Much used for arguments presented by IDiots and other religious bigots who are too lazy, or too stupid, or too dishonest to acknowledge that there are proper scientific explanations for most things.
It is in particular used to explain 'irreducible complexity', a vague term used by IDiots to prove that god created the Universe.
'Eyes are so finely designed that they can not have evolved, so there must have been a creator' is a basic 'goddidit' conclusion.
by shonny May 09, 2008
A sub-human who believes in creation as told in the bible, and refuses to understand or consider any other explanation. All creationists are retards, but not all retards are creationist (i.e. there is some hope for the latter).
IDiots are all creotards.
Discovery Institute is a holding tank for creotards.
If you believe in god you are most likely a creotard.
by shonny July 24, 2008
A person who abuses or refers to holy scripts and/or god(s) to promote unholy cause by finding texts in the scripts to justify aggression, abuse of power, and unwillingness to listen to reason or other opinions.
Also persons who profess that a god (Allah, Yahwe etc) has told them that they are on a mission sent by that god.
World's #1 godfucker: G.W.Bush
The world's best known godfuckers are GWB, Osama bin Laden, Jerry Falwell, Ann CDoultre.
Most evangelical Christians and neo-cons are godfuckers.
by shonny March 05, 2007
A business, organization, or other that is unprofessional. These often blame the customers for their own cock-ups.
Ausconnect.net is a mickey mouse outfit, using Flintstone servers, and blaming the customers when they don't work properly.
by shonny September 16, 2007
Strictly it is when air is pumped into a vagina during intercourse, and released when the penis is pulled out.
Urban myth? Definitely not.
Talking from personal experience. They are not so smelly as ordinary farts though.
Also somebody insignificant.
They're just a bunch of fuckfarts (nobodies).
by shonny March 02, 2007
A person who, with an iron fist, aggression, and a sharp tongue, but without real authority, rules the roost from the kitchen.
A very bossy chef.
Someone bossy operating from a canteen or the alike.
Shit, we got a new chef, a real kitchen hitler.
Malcolm in the canteen is the club's kitchen hitler, trying to run the club.
by shonny March 06, 2007
A polemic godfucking transvestite look-alike who gets a lot of publicity because the masses are stupid.
Based on the nickname for Ann Coulter
Here comes Tranny Annie again!
Tranny Annie doing what she does best, being a cunt!
Here we go again, another Tranny Annie.
by shonny March 02, 2007