A good code word for weed.
Playing Xbox=smoking weed.
(Live) Subscription= the weed that's bought and/or used
Xbox Controller= Any instrument of your choice to smoke the weed.

GameStop= your dealer, or anywhere you can purchase any "Controllers"

-Any other related Xbox material could be used as a code word of your choice too! Be Creative!
Mom- What are you boys doing?
Little Jimmy- oh, just gonna play some Xbox up in the attic. But i need to get a live subscription first at GameStop. We just Can't wait to break in our new controllers too!
Mom-Oh, you boys have fun Me and Daddy will be in the basement playing Dreamcast!

Little Jimmy-Umm....
by Black Man 2012 February 19, 2011
A console (wait, a "graphics machine," I don't wanna offend good consoles) made by that evil company microsoft that thinks the xbox is good because it has great graphics, a dvd player and games that just aren't fun to play.
If you want good games, get a SNES or a megadrive. You might even have fun with a pc.

If you like good graphics more then having fun, the xbox is for you!
by Marbarian May 30, 2005
A stupid game system that my boyfriend plays & ignores me and my existence for
Boyfriend - "babe im gonna go play my xbox, ill call you in a little bit" (meaning 3-4 hours)
me - "k ..."
by lovee_pinkk_x33 January 21, 2015
an external harddrive filled with porn
aw man can i borrow your x box tmr?
by boardoboy February 02, 2012
The vagina belonging to an ex-girlfriend, esp. during a booty call.
Where's Anthony tonight?

He went out on a booty call with Sheila, that chick he dumped last month, again.

Man, that guy plays so much X-Box it isn't funny.
by Xboxking April 18, 2010
Another title for an ex-girlfriend.
"I was thinking about toying around with my x-box, but I decided to find someone new."
by Seth2367 March 15, 2010
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