A system that only made it because of Halo and xbox-live. Any true gamer knows that. The only thing it really has going for it besides that is best versions of other ported games (big whoop) and a handful of exclusives. Ps2 has so many better games it's not even funny. Even gamecubes exclusives own xboxes. Other names that describe the xbox well are the port-box, pc-box, and the trash-box.
I guess old greedy Bill Gates wasn't already happy with his 50+billion so he decided to make a mini-pc gaming system called the x-box.
by MadAtTheWorld June 03, 2006
A decent gaming system that has its ups and downs.

The X-Box is large, bulky, and has a huge controller, but that's beside the point. There are a few good games on it, such as Halo or Counter-strike. These games are out for the PC but need a $2000 machine to run, the X-Box costs only $100-300.

The reason most people hate it is because

A. it's made by Microsoft
B. it's huge
C. the games they played must have sucked

Just because its made by Microsoft doesn't automatically mean it sucks. Halo was made by Microsoft, and look how it's doing, hmm?

The controller is an exact duplicate of the PS2 controller, just substitute the Black and White buttons for L2 and R2. Hell you could probably play the X-Box with a PS2 controller if it had the right plug.

So, in closing, I think that the X-Box is probably the only good thing made by Microsoft.
My game would have to be Doom 3.
by MPseMp April 29, 2005
The vagina belonging to an ex-girlfriend, esp. during a booty call.
Where's Anthony tonight?

He went out on a booty call with Sheila, that chick he dumped last month, again.

Man, that guy plays so much X-Box it isn't funny.
by Xboxking April 18, 2010
Another title for an ex-girlfriend.
"I was thinking about toying around with my x-box, but I decided to find someone new."
by Seth2367 March 15, 2010
A console (wait, a "graphics machine," I don't wanna offend good consoles) made by that evil company microsoft that thinks the xbox is good because it has great graphics, a dvd player and games that just aren't fun to play.
If you want good games, get a SNES or a megadrive. You might even have fun with a pc.

If you like good graphics more then having fun, the xbox is for you!
by Marbarian May 30, 2005
an external harddrive filled with porn
aw man can i borrow your x box tmr?
by boardoboy February 02, 2012

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