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An overrated console developed by microsoft to compete with playstation2.Its only got one game which is the halo series..the rest are just for show!

Although many claim its more powerful than PS2 the Xbox/xbox 360 has not sold as much consoles as the PS2 and PS3 consoles worldwide.Interms of popularity it still is behind the ps2!.The reality of it is PS2/ps3 is still better than xbox/xbox360 and we all know it!

check out the figures on consoles sold worldwide...let them speak for themselves!

I have an xbox 360 and it sucks...im trading it in for a ps3!
by Matthew19 April 16, 2007
An X-Box is an ex girlfriend...because her box is no longer yours for the taking
My X-Box is being such a bitch...
by Jo Blow From Idaho September 14, 2006
the worst system ever, no true nerd can support it and call himself a video game patriot. also know as the nazi-box
stop video game nazism and liberate the world from the X-box.
by popisdead February 17, 2005
A game console that people are more interested in hacking and modifying rather than playing games.

A console made by Microsoft simply because they want to dominate everything available.

They already have a hold on the computer OS industry, but seem to want to take over the video game industry as well.

A rather medicore game console that is made interesting only because you can hack and edit it, but has no real good games.
The same type of games on Xbox can be bought for a PS2 or on a PC/Mac.
by LadyLomia November 16, 2006
American made gaming system, that is out classed by japanese gaming systems. Many of the games are crap and it is doing horribly in japan and appeals to americans.
Oh... Xbox live american tradition
by Nellly June 22, 2005
A previous significant other's naughty bits... an ex-box, if you will.
Fun to play with, but prone to rapid shutdown if the right buttons aren't pushed....
Dude, last night I ran into the xbox at the bar and took her back to my place. She's learned some new tricks, but whatever- She was still fun to play.
by Ad_Noctum May 05, 2010
A good code word for weed.
Playing Xbox=smoking weed.
(Live) Subscription= the weed that's bought and/or used
Xbox Controller= Any instrument of your choice to smoke the weed.

GameStop= your dealer, or anywhere you can purchase any "Controllers"

-Any other related Xbox material could be used as a code word of your choice too! Be Creative!
Mom- What are you boys doing?
Little Jimmy- oh, just gonna play some Xbox up in the attic. But i need to get a live subscription first at GameStop. We just Can't wait to break in our new controllers too!
Mom-Oh, you boys have fun Me and Daddy will be in the basement playing Dreamcast!

Little Jimmy-Umm....
by Black Man 2012 February 19, 2011