A woman's lusty vagina. Many players in a gamers society usually go after girls with x-boxes.
Tony: Yo, Brad Shaneenee just told me she has an X-box and with gold membership.
Brad: I just saw her profile pic I would say shes a 2 but it doesnt matter because pussy is pussy.

Tony: Most girls that play with their X-box live are pervertic anyways
by CapperxUxH8. May 05, 2011
the notoriously ugly ass thing with 4 wheels made by SCION (toyota) that has the model designation of "XB" Has an uncanny resemblence to a box on roller skates. Usually seen being driven by young asian males who coudnt afford a lowered Honda rice racer
that SCION xbox has got to be one of the ugliest cars on the road, but PRIUS takes the cake in ugly, and has the stupidest drivers
by ddoug January 16, 2008
i. game consle launched by microsoft.

ii. "a girl's party zone" - Dr Todd, Scrubs.
i love my xbox! it has sooo many great games, i don't need any friends.

xbox is a great word for a girl's party zone.
by n00bish 1337 May 25, 2006
The gaming system that has set out to destroy all sequals to come, It has purchased rare and already let down one of the best nintendo games ever made, "perfect dark", if you play x-box games your a fag, however it is o.k to use your xbox as a divX player and a nintendo
Hey im a ccomplete retard who wants to play recked nintendo games on my x-box instead of actually bying the originals for nintendo and having some real fun
by SuperMario128 May 11, 2006
Bill Gates probably built his house with these bricks. They had to cut price at least twice before launch, and even then only Halo saved the hunk of crap. Its processor is bigger than your TV and the controller is a dinnerplate. You'd think with a console as massive as that they'd be able to fit some quality in there. BUY PS2/3!!! (P.S don't waste your time with an Xbox 360. they're just as bad except they are less similar to a japanese phonebook)
Builder 1: "We've ran out of bricks for this building!"
Builder 2: "Ah fuck it. We'll just use X-boxes"

Kid: "Mommy, why is the Grand Canyon so big?"
Mom: "God must have dropped his X-box, honey"
by 370 April 08, 2006
A gaming console owned by Microsfoft. It is in competition with the Playstation consoles, but really there would be no competition at all if Sony didn't try copying everything they possibly could. One of the most awesome things about the Xbox (and Xbox 360) is that you can't play any Final Fantasy games on it.
"Hey I'm getting a mate over to play Play Station tomorrow. Do you want to come."
"Nah, I have twenty people coming over to play Xbox tomorrow."
Games console that owns the PS2 in several areas. Firstly it has a built in hard-drive, so you don't have to pay £20 for memory cards. Secondly, it has four built in controller ports, so no need to buy a multi-tap.

Xbox Live is the best online gaming service available, with friends lists, game invites, and so much more, it pwns the Sony version.

The Xbox spec is also far far superior to the PS2 spec.

Exclusive games.... for the xbox? PGR2, Ninja Gaiden, Deus Ex - Invisible war...
'Hey man, wanna play on my supercool PS2?'

'Not when i could be playing on my Xbox, with exclusive games such as PGR2 which is fantastic, and the upcoming Halo2 and Forza Motorsports which the PS2 won't see....'
by Ray Bidfan November 03, 2004

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