A famous video game console created by Microsoft. In its heyday, it had copious 1st and 3rd party support, in the form of game such as Halo: Combat Evolved by in-house developer Bungie Studios, and the GTA series by Rockstar Studios. This balance of developing and publishing power has earned the Xbox a reputation synonymous with socialism.
The Xbox, while having received a bad rap for being a product of Microsoft, was not unsuccessful, spawning the next system, the Xbox 360 in 2005.
by aka_Pyro May 12, 2008
1) n. A console manufactured by Microsoft.

2) adj. Very big (at least as big as a Xbox as defined in 1.)
My Xbox is so huge, I'm not scared of my brother trying to flush it down the toilet.

Man, that house was so xbox, I got lost in it trying to go to the bathroom...
by joshk May 29, 2005
1) A console produced by Microsoft in which they lose money per console sold.
2) A horrible, generic, clunky console created by the low quality company, Microsoft. It is a console that only survives because of Halo, and without it, it would be nothing. Microsoft believes it is a valid strategy to buy out as many companies as possible to create games for their console only; even though once said games are released, they are still awful. Known to have a large following of Xbots, they will blindly sacrifice their lives to make sure that everyone believes Xbox is the best just because it has Halo.
3) A console which has two good exclusive titles: Halo and Halo 2. All other titles are a) bad or b) multiplatform.
4) A console that is of such poor quality that thousands had to be recalled because the adaptor cable was defective and could cause fires. Controllers are bigger than most houses.
Samuel: I think that I am going to buy an Xbox; I want to support my favorite company, Microsoft.

George: Well, if you really want to support them, you shouldn't buy an Xbox. They lose money each time one is sold; so you would be doing them a favor. Besides, if you want it for the games (read: Halo), then you should just get a better computer, since all of its games are ported onto the PC eventually, anyway.

Samuel: Thanks, George! You're a real pal!
by Galant May 14, 2005
Best gaming console ever. People who make fun of it are just jealous fucks because they don't have one. Either that or the controller is just bigger than their dinky penises.
Guy 1: "Hey dude, I just got an x-box and it's pretty awesome."

Guy 2: "That thing's fucking gay. The controller is too big and it reminds me of my 3 inch."
by Mizz Oni January 30, 2005
A gaming console designed by Microsoft in an attempt to dominate the computer gaming market. Everything inside the cover can be put in your computer. This makes it utterly pointless as it would be much more efficient if you went out and bought yourself a computer instead of an XBOX.
"As such, one of the primary objectives of Microsoft is to revolutionize the gaming industry as we know it. Microsoft XBOX game developers pride themselves in stupidifying and over simplifying the most complicated games on the market so that they may be readily available to the weak minded and mentally deficient.

We, at Microsoft, understand that the majority base of consumers in the United States don't want to waste their time in thought provoking experiences. On the contrary, they want to experience things on-impulse, while using the same amount of brain capacity that is needed to stroke a rubber penis."
by Rhys Deimel July 31, 2006
A Video Game Console with only one exclusive game worth buying(Chronicles of Riddick)(KOTOR is on PC, Tom Clancy games have gone to PS2 with added features). Which has gone toward funding the already world's richest man Bill Gates. It's also a large object that can be dropped from American planes on to Iraq if we're lucky enough to have planes that strong. Also made as a home for the homeless with a plutonium core, a good way to start a campfire(it catches on fire faster than matches), and a largly, foolishly profited organization.
X-box's on the top shelf? I thought Egyptian slavery was over
by Sith September 16, 2004
The way a dumbass spells Xbox. There is no hyphen, I don't know where they get the hypen...
Text Conversation:

Guy 1: Hey, you wanna play X-Box in a little bit?

Guy 2: I have an Xbox, not sure what an X-Box is...
by zuawg December 29, 2011

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