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A suprisingly amazing,oh my gosh, out of the ordinary expression.
Wowza!That rainbow seemed to appear out of nowhere,it wasn't even raining!
by Cloe T. June 30, 2006
190 62
Wow, Oh my god, i cant believe it, that was really something
Wowza, I cant beleive she socked her in the face like that.
by PP Shankman August 20, 2008
64 26
A term to express extreme and/or intense sexual pleasure.
"Wowza! Oh my god thats so intense!"
by ZillaMN March 18, 2010
45 43
A phrase of pure enjoyment of things. Either sicko-ish or scary-ish.
Wowza, josie was scary
by InedibleBird January 27, 2003
43 42