To keep using the backboard in basketball
(man shoots and gets in using backboard for the 100th time) "WINDOWWWWWWW"
by Zumer December 13, 2003
A company which strangely enough in a short period of time came out with the programs CE, ME, and NT.... which If you put together spell out Windows CEMENT.
Look mommy Bill gates is making fun of us!

He'll do what he damn well pleases johnny! Hes got enough money to personally pay off every one of the dodgers to come to our house and kick our asses.
by K~ August 10, 2003
Worse OS ever created for a computing system. It's extremely compatible if you can keep it running for more than 10 mins w/o it crashing. And it's also the most widely used system. Now, get off ur easy way ass, and G37 4 (\/)4C!
Wow...Windows crashed...again.
by STA71K August 01, 2003
When capitalized: An GUI (graphical user interface) operating system first released in 1986 by Microsoft Corporation.

When not capitalized: A glass plate inside of a wall that lets light into buildings.
Every operating system has errors and crashes every once in a while, no matter if you're running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or whatever. Deal with it, guys!
by star8706 June 21, 2003
Every developer and power user knows Windows is perfect for them.But Mac prayers throughs if he get a PC,viruses will infect.KNOCK KNOCK MAC USER! Market share is puny %89! There is no software for MACS.
Windows has a wide range of software,SDKs and games. Also viruses. WHY? Nobody wants to waste his time to coding a virus for MACS.

Also every MAC user says "Windows crashes every day...DING! FALSE! If you look after your PC,it will not crash. If you clean your hard drive,defrag your extra disks,install necessary driver modules and create a emergency boot disk to be in security. No need to crash. BUT old PC users that switched to MAC 'cause of crash,may never did these things to prevent crashing.

I am developer at a OS and I select Windows 7 to use with my Visual Studio 2010.We used NTFS and Network Neighborhood at our OS,which is used by Windows NT.
MAC USER:Windows sucks!
-OK,say something you can at MAC.
-Errm....playing with dock..?
-OH,I can make a OS at Windows.
-But MACS never infects.
-Because nobody cares about your %11 percent,dude.
by Windows98 April 10, 2012
A peice of crap OS that has only one way to properly fix it.

1. Enter Command Prompt
2. Type 'Format C:'
3. Insert Linux Installation Disk 1
4. Follow onscreen instructions
5. Congratulations, Windows is fixed.
I fixed Windows, I got Linux.
by _|-|}06 & bOb June 03, 2005
How about this for some variety (and truth, more importantly). Contrary to the unintelligible grunts of the brainless morons who have posted 99% of the definitions regarding this word (they clearly need to ease off on all the Haterade), Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Server 2003 is by far the best series of OSs ever made. This coming from someone who has used all three and compared them to Apple Mac OS and GNU/Linux alternatives. The .NET framework is an excellently designed programming and software development infrastructure, unparalleled in its elegance. Don't believe me? Ask all the Mac - and sometimes even Linux - users who have shot their boxes with M60s, frustrated because of the zillionth program that wasn't compatible with the OS. And ALL operating systems crash; it is a fundamental law in computer science - the bug-free program is nothing but a myth.
With a triple-boot setup on my computer, I find myself having to constantly reboot my system due to Mandrake 10.0 Linux's spectacular shortcomings - especially the harware compatibility woes. And what do I reboot into? Take a guess.....
by TheEnlightened December 27, 2004

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