A company which strangely enough in a short period of time came out with the programs CE, ME, and NT.... which If you put together spell out Windows CEMENT.
Look mommy Bill gates is making fun of us!

He'll do what he damn well pleases johnny! Hes got enough money to personally pay off every one of the dodgers to come to our house and kick our asses.
by K~ August 10, 2003
The space of time in which your butt hole is open and ready to crap. All that is needed is to relax.
Dude, I really gotta crap. I'm already on my 3rd window and I don't think this one is going to close
by xxbigmikexx July 30, 2008
A functional, easy-to-use operating system that can be perfectly stable if you want it to be. The OS is only as good as its operator, guys.
I have been running Windows 2000 Professional for two-and-a-half years, and have yet to see it crash spontaneously. The only time it has ever crashed was when I caused software conflicts myself.
by Don March 08, 2005
An operating system that destroyed the internet as we know it. When Microsoft introduced Windows 95, they opened the door for the scums of the internet.
Windows is like a Jaguar. They're both high priced, and they're both unreliable.
by Qbert January 21, 2005
a rather broad collection of software by microsoft with a broad range of quality:

windows 95 - sux0rific
windows 98 - not that bad
windows me - what a ripoff of 98
windows xp - one of da greatest!
windows nt/2000 - em... corporate stuff
windows 3.1 - the ULTIMATE 133732+ OS!
which VERSION of windows do YOU use?
by cspeye December 26, 2003
only crashes because people are too retarded to use it
what the hell it crashed ??? why???

cause your a dumbass
by a fag December 08, 2003
Worse OS ever created for a computing system. It's extremely compatible if you can keep it running for more than 10 mins w/o it crashing. And it's also the most widely used system. Now, get off ur easy way ass, and G37 4 (\/)4C!
Wow...Windows crashed...again.
by STA71K August 01, 2003

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