windows xp: a sucky OS that crashes every 5 minutes,
even more assed up coz it slows down after every installation and after every download,often caused by stupid assed programmers who wrote the stupid program
windows xp, the worst OS since the invention of computers
by charli January 19, 2004
A crap OS that if you delete one file it messes up your computer and cant do anything. Cost too much. yeah ill admit it is easy to use before it crashes on you every 2 seconds. I use linux if you use linux that probably means you know alot about computers you almost have too linux is VERY stable and if free beat that windows. and it pretty much comes with MS office (just diff name in linux)
linux is so easy because i know about computers that is why all of you n00bs have to use crappy windows
by palbert January 09, 2004
a rather broad collection of software by microsoft with a broad range of quality:

windows 95 - sux0rific
windows 98 - not that bad
windows me - what a ripoff of 98
windows xp - one of da greatest!
windows nt/2000 - em... corporate stuff
windows 3.1 - the ULTIMATE 133732+ OS!
which VERSION of windows do YOU use?
by cspeye December 26, 2003
Refering to a woman's chest.
"Damn, girl's got some windows"
by Jgurl09 December 06, 2007
1) Those things on your wall that you can open an see through.

2) The worst operating system ON EARTH.
1) WHOA! Look through the window!

2) Windows = windblows = windSUCK
by osxdude October 17, 2007
A generic version of Mac OS, starting from day one, 1984.
Windows is to Mac OS, sorta like how the Walgreens brand of medicine is to the regular brand. Anybody want some Walbourne!?
by Mgill85258 July 10, 2006
Written by programmers who use Linux, a far superior operating system.

Saying Windows is good because everyone uses it is just like saying fast food is healthy because everyone eats it.

Does things now that other operating systems could have done when they were being written (e.g. Linux).
Example: The typical Windows shell, the Blue Screen of Death
by eckXsz September 13, 2005
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