When capitalized: An GUI (graphical user interface) operating system first released in 1986 by Microsoft Corporation.

When not capitalized: A glass plate inside of a wall that lets light into buildings.
Every operating system has errors and crashes every once in a while, no matter if you're running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or whatever. Deal with it, guys!
by star8706 June 21, 2003
Refering to a woman's chest.
"Damn, girl's got some windows"
by Jgurl09 December 06, 2007
A peice of crap OS that has only one way to properly fix it.

1. Enter Command Prompt
2. Type 'Format C:'
3. Insert Linux Installation Disk 1
4. Follow onscreen instructions
5. Congratulations, Windows is fixed.
I fixed Windows, I got Linux.
by _|-|}06 & bOb June 03, 2005
an operating system way better than any others. usually people say "windows crashes a lot!". well duh, idiots, if you install spyware virus crap its going to cause errors. and IT doesnt cause the blue screen of death, YOU DO!!!
i just bought windows, all the software i bought that didnt work with mac and linux works now!
by Sean Roth September 09, 2004
A virus that people buy to make their computer "Run faster then Linux!".
I wasted $300 on Windows XP and it doesn't even work on my computer!
by unix_hacker September 08, 2004
windows xp: a sucky OS that crashes every 5 minutes,
even more assed up coz it slows down after every installation and after every download,often caused by stupid assed programmers who wrote the stupid program
windows xp, the worst OS since the invention of computers
by charli January 19, 2004
1.Linux' Bitch...Just kidding..he.he..he..You kidding me? Haven't you heard of the Blue Screen Of Death...maybe not. THE BEST OPERATING SYSTEM EVER...NOT...YES..NOT...YES>NOT...so YES
2. When fucking an exceptionally hot girl/guy, to shove your pole suddenly into them and taking it out fast, see the result hymen
1- "Winux/Lindows, best operating system over."
2- "I m gonna do a Windows on you, Bitch"
by Proud to be Gay October 27, 2003

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