A crappy operating system made by retarded monkeys.
It is known for the infamous Blue Screen of Death
Oh, crap I got a blue screen of death and I didn't save my paper. Screw Windows!
by 71KR117 May 31, 2009
1) Noun- A major epic fail
Noun 2- A computer software that's plagued by viruses, spyware, and other malware. Is known for being deathly slow, and freezing at the worst of times.

Noun (1):

The kid tripped on his way to Math and his friend remarked, "Nice window in the hallway."

Noun (2)- After 9 hours of typing, Marc's computer, running windows, froze right when he was going to save his major essay due the next day.
by dr octogonapus rahhh January 21, 2009
A graphical shell for downloading and burning Linux install CDs
"Did you actually install Windows on this machine?"
"Yes, but it's the only machine I have access to and I need to download an ISO to install Linux."
by Fredrik Lindroth May 09, 2008
A series of Operating Systems (OS) created by Microsoft running from Windows 96 to the current incarnation Windows Vista. A little known fact about Windows (and Microsoft programs in general) is that you should wait 2-8 weeks before buying or installing it so that the company can work out the inevitable bugs.

While Windows systems are presumed to fail, this is mostly due to idiots who don't read up on a system before installing it.
I've used Windows since I was a kid and it's never failed me before.

Windows and Mac OS both have bugs, but at least on a pc it's an entirely dyi fix.
by a#dominant December 15, 2007
An operating system unable to take any abuse by the user and crashes about 5 months after the computer is bought and internet has been surfed.
My windows is so slow
by huggybear4sh July 03, 2007
An OK operating system that gets beaten on way to much, mostly by Mac lovers that if attempted to make a OS would be worse than Windows..if thats possible..damn there does another Windows insult
I bought Windows XP, they came out with SP2...lame
by Keenan Cameron March 02, 2005
Pearl for a device that protects people and valuable equptment from rain and other elements.
It was raining outside... but me and my linux computer were just doing fine, infact the only way i could tell there was rain, is that i happened to look at the weatherfox in firefox.
by gmail user February 18, 2005

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