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A graphical shell for downloading and burning Linux install CDs
"Did you actually install Windows on this machine?"
"Yes, but it's the only machine I have access to and I need to download an ISO to install Linux."
by Fredrik Lindroth May 09, 2008
A series of Operating Systems (OS) created by Microsoft running from Windows 96 to the current incarnation Windows Vista. A little known fact about Windows (and Microsoft programs in general) is that you should wait 2-8 weeks before buying or installing it so that the company can work out the inevitable bugs.

While Windows systems are presumed to fail, this is mostly due to idiots who don't read up on a system before installing it.
I've used Windows since I was a kid and it's never failed me before.

Windows and Mac OS both have bugs, but at least on a pc it's an entirely dyi fix.
by a#dominant December 15, 2007
A very gay operating system.
Mac OS x kicks Window's ass. That's why Windows' rectum always hurts! :-)
by eura phagg January 07, 2007
Pearl for a device that protects people and valuable equptment from rain and other elements.
It was raining outside... but me and my linux computer were just doing fine, infact the only way i could tell there was rain, is that i happened to look at the weatherfox in firefox.
by gmail user February 18, 2005
Windows is a really unstable Operating System even in the year 2005 it still crashes constantly, hogs memory there not much I can say thats not already been said, I personally Run windows 2000 pro on one partition and Gentoo on another and I'm quite happy using windows 2kpro for certain games and software and gentoo for other things.
Lamer: "Windows sucks"
Linux User: "Yeah I know, why not use Linux?"
Lamer: "I don't know how to use linux"
Linux User: "Try Mandrake or Fedora It's designed for people like you"
by Adolf Gates February 14, 2005
A series of computer operating systems that, despite what you may read from several other sources on here, are quite stable, very easy to use, and are the most compatible operating systems I know of.
I have been running with my copy of Windows XP without rebooting for over 3 months now, and it is still working fine. Yeah, I have used ctrl+alt+delete a couple of times, but that was just because I got a file from a former friend, while he was still a friend, including a virus, and I trusted him so I didn't bother scanning and it wasn't recognized by Norton, so I just looked at my processes and ended it, and my computer works fine now. (that was over 2 months ago)
by homocidal rabbi November 24, 2004
A rather good operating system, however is shunned by idiots who say it sucks, but continue to use Windows instead of switching to another operating system.
"Windows is the worst fucking operating system ever!"

"Then why do you continue to use it?
by LRS November 12, 2004