the worst operating system you can buy. not only does it cost a lot of money, but if you don't have it running on a top-of-the-line computer, it sucks. those of you who say it doesn't freeze up probably haven't tried it on a 400 mHz laptop - which it should run on, according to the system requirements. contrary to popular belief, it is not easier to use than linux, mac os, or any other os because the reason people have such an easy time learning to use new versions of windows is because they are familiar with the old one, which is the same except for that lame prarie that it places on the desktop, along with some other aesthetical changes.

while windows has been around much longer, linux has grown so fast that people are already considering switching from windows. windows may have more programs and look better(? i don't think so but maybe some do), but linux has the edge on security and stability and does what it should - all of which is what most people want and what all should expect from an os.
1. microsoftie: if linux is better, then why hasn't everyone switched to linux?
thinking person: because most people just believe what they hear - they never try linux, they just believe what they hear about it.
2. microsoftie: windows xp doesn't cost that much, it's only $150. that's not bad.
thinking person: but you also have to buy antivirus protection and office xp, which together will cost about $300.
by NetRAVEN5000 August 29, 2004
An OS that is good for a wide variety of uses, such as gaming, work, and casual internets browsing. While it is recommended you know what you're doing, it requires less expertise than, say, Linux. Also, it only crashes if you delete system files or get a nasty computer virus.
Guy 1: lulz Windows is teh suxxxors lulz Max is teh best adn so iz linux OmFGGG

Guy 2: ...yeah, you just keep deluding yourself, kid.
by Trar August 02, 2009
A crappy operating system made by retarded monkeys.
It is known for the infamous Blue Screen of Death
Oh, crap I got a blue screen of death and I didn't save my paper. Screw Windows!
by 71KR117 May 31, 2009
An operating system unable to take any abuse by the user and crashes about 5 months after the computer is bought and internet has been surfed.
My windows is so slow
by huggybear4sh July 03, 2007
How about this for some variety (and truth, more importantly). Contrary to the unintelligible grunts of the brainless morons who have posted 99% of the definitions regarding this word (they clearly need to ease off on all the Haterade), Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Server 2003 is by far the best series of OSs ever made. This coming from someone who has used all three and compared them to Apple Mac OS and GNU/Linux alternatives. The .NET framework is an excellently designed programming and software development infrastructure, unparalleled in its elegance. Don't believe me? Ask all the Mac - and sometimes even Linux - users who have shot their boxes with M60s, frustrated because of the zillionth program that wasn't compatible with the OS. And ALL operating systems crash; it is a fundamental law in computer science - the bug-free program is nothing but a myth.
With a triple-boot setup on my computer, I find myself having to constantly reboot my system due to Mandrake 10.0 Linux's spectacular shortcomings - especially the harware compatibility woes. And what do I reboot into? Take a guess.....
by TheEnlightened December 27, 2004
To keep using the backboard in basketball
(man shoots and gets in using backboard for the 100th time) "WINDOWWWWWWW"
by Zumer December 13, 2003
Easy to use but bloated and unstable operating system used by ignorant sheep, morons who can't work out how to use a decent operating system, and people who like playing games.
Q: What do PC's and air conditioners have in common?
A: They both stop working when you open Windows.
by IkeM September 27, 2003

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