Easy to use but bloated and unstable operating system used by ignorant sheep, morons who can't work out how to use a decent operating system, and people who like playing games.
Q: What do PC's and air conditioners have in common?
A: They both stop working when you open Windows.
by IkeM September 27, 2003
Every developer and power user knows Windows is perfect for them.But Mac prayers throughs if he get a PC,viruses will infect.KNOCK KNOCK MAC USER! Market share is puny %89! There is no software for MACS.
Windows has a wide range of software,SDKs and games. Also viruses. WHY? Nobody wants to waste his time to coding a virus for MACS.

Also every MAC user says "Windows crashes every day...DING! FALSE! If you look after your PC,it will not crash. If you clean your hard drive,defrag your extra disks,install necessary driver modules and create a emergency boot disk to be in security. No need to crash. BUT old PC users that switched to MAC 'cause of crash,may never did these things to prevent crashing.

I am developer at a OS and I select Windows 7 to use with my Visual Studio 2010.We used NTFS and Network Neighborhood at our OS,which is used by Windows NT.
MAC USER:Windows sucks!
-OK,say something you can at MAC.
-Errm....playing with dock..?
-OH,I can make a OS at Windows.
-But MACS never infects.
-Because nobody cares about your %11 percent,dude.
by Windows98 April 10, 2012
An OS that is good for a wide variety of uses, such as gaming, work, and casual internets browsing. While it is recommended you know what you're doing, it requires less expertise than, say, Linux. Also, it only crashes if you delete system files or get a nasty computer virus.
Guy 1: lulz Windows is teh suxxxors lulz Max is teh best adn so iz linux OmFGGG

Guy 2: ...yeah, you just keep deluding yourself, kid.
by Trar August 02, 2009
An operating system that destroyed the internet as we know it. When Microsoft introduced Windows 95, they opened the door for the scums of the internet.
Windows is like a Jaguar. They're both high priced, and they're both unreliable.
by Qbert January 21, 2005
A series of computer operating systems that, despite what you may read from several other sources on here, are quite stable, very easy to use, and are the most compatible operating systems I know of.
I have been running with my copy of Windows XP without rebooting for over 3 months now, and it is still working fine. Yeah, I have used ctrl+alt+delete a couple of times, but that was just because I got a file from a former friend, while he was still a friend, including a virus, and I trusted him so I didn't bother scanning and it wasn't recognized by Norton, so I just looked at my processes and ended it, and my computer works fine now. (that was over 2 months ago)
by homocidal rabbi November 24, 2004
A rather good operating system, however is shunned by idiots who say it sucks, but continue to use Windows instead of switching to another operating system.
"Windows is the worst fucking operating system ever!"

"Then why do you continue to use it?
by LRS November 12, 2004
To keep using the backboard in basketball
(man shoots and gets in using backboard for the 100th time) "WINDOWWWWWWW"
by Zumer December 13, 2003

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