A bad imitation of a Macintosh Apple.
Windows is like a Macintosh Apple only not as good.
by robin graves February 21, 2004
The gayest OS in the world.
Me: Fuck this shit, I'm askin' mom for a Macintosh!
by Rap suxx0rs January 21, 2004
A crap OS that if you delete one file it messes up your computer and cant do anything. Cost too much. yeah ill admit it is easy to use before it crashes on you every 2 seconds. I use linux if you use linux that probably means you know alot about computers you almost have too linux is VERY stable and if free beat that windows. and it pretty much comes with MS office (just diff name in linux)
linux is so easy because i know about computers that is why all of you n00bs have to use crappy windows
by palbert January 09, 2004
only crashes because people are too retarded to use it
what the hell it crashed ??? why???

cause your a dumbass
by a fag December 08, 2003
1.Linux' Bitch...Just kidding..he.he..he..You kidding me? Haven't you heard of the Blue Screen Of Death...maybe not. THE BEST OPERATING SYSTEM EVER...NOT...YES..NOT...YES>NOT...so YES
2. When fucking an exceptionally hot girl/guy, to shove your pole suddenly into them and taking it out fast, see the result hymen
1- "Winux/Lindows, best operating system over."
2- "I m gonna do a Windows on you, Bitch"
by Proud to be Gay October 27, 2003
The clip Juice Box is refering to is the beta showing of Windows 98. When it wasn't finished.
Bugs on an unfinished product, whodathunkit?
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
1. Plural for a piece of glace.

2. A program introduced by Bill Gates. Better than Dos. The only difference between any of the programs below the #100 is that they are more expensive. Same with those that are named oddly (like XP).

Can crash VERY frequently if you're not careful with it and don't go screwing around with Control Panel and the C:/ Drive.
by Unknown May 22, 2003

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