A functional, easy-to-use operating system that can be perfectly stable if you want it to be. The OS is only as good as its operator, guys.
I have been running Windows 2000 Professional for two-and-a-half years, and have yet to see it crash spontaneously. The only time it has ever crashed was when I caused software conflicts myself.
by Don March 08, 2005
an operating system way better than any others. usually people say "windows crashes a lot!". well duh, idiots, if you install spyware virus crap its going to cause errors. and IT doesnt cause the blue screen of death, YOU DO!!!
i just bought windows, all the software i bought that didnt work with mac and linux works now!
by Sean Roth September 09, 2004
A virus that people buy to make their computer "Run faster then Linux!".
I wasted $300 on Windows XP and it doesn't even work on my computer!
by unix_hacker September 08, 2004
A bad imitation of a Macintosh Apple.
Windows is like a Macintosh Apple only not as good.
by robin graves February 21, 2004
The gayest OS in the world.
Me: Fuck this shit, I'm askin' mom for a Macintosh!
by Rap suxx0rs January 21, 2004
only crashes because people are too retarded to use it
what the hell it crashed ??? why???

cause your a dumbass
by a fag December 08, 2003
1.Linux' Bitch...Just kidding..he.he..he..You kidding me? Haven't you heard of the Blue Screen Of Death...maybe not. THE BEST OPERATING SYSTEM EVER...NOT...YES..NOT...YES>NOT...so YES
2. When fucking an exceptionally hot girl/guy, to shove your pole suddenly into them and taking it out fast, see the result hymen
1- "Winux/Lindows, best operating system over."
2- "I m gonna do a Windows on you, Bitch"
by Proud to be Gay October 27, 2003

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