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The fluid that comes out of a womens vagina during an orgasim.
Zav:So what did u do with that girl last night.
Nick:We fucked and she wilked all over my face.

Nick:Yo what went down last night I don't remember anything.
Walker:I don't know I woke up next to a girl and I was in a pool of sticky wilk.
Not handing in any coursework

Taking any excuse for staying off school
Being a lazy twat
Person 1: You hand in your history coursework?
Person 2: I did a wilks...
Person 1: your pathetic...
by The Coursework Avoider January 10, 2011
Tea without the teabag! Just hot water and milk (add sugar if you like) For those people wanting a hot drink, bored with endless tea and coffee at work, or just too tight to splash out on hot chocolate.
I would like a cup of wilk please.
by Croline May 18, 2011
Literal Definition - Work

When you can't get the ketchup out of the bottle you furiously shake it up and down until finally some comes out.

Use this when someone is being weak.

Or to speed someone up.
Put some backbone into it and w.i.l.k it!

If you don't want to miss your plane you might want to w.i.l.k it over there.
by greenandblack October 16, 2007
To form a fist and violently thrust it into a the face of one the dealer is in hostility with.
I wilksed Johnny when he took my bicycle.
by The Flying Jesus October 13, 2003
-another word for milking a cow.
-to be evil
-to have an urge to take hydrogen oxide canisters(waterbottles)
Jonny: Hey did you see what that guy is doing to that cow!
Jon: No, what was it?
Jonny: that guy is doing the wilks
by CaramelPecpec January 24, 2007
A person of high class and superior intelligence. You will catch a Wilk only in large houses with luxury vehicles.
"I aspire to be the best in my life. I want to be a Wilk!"
by Stacey Clifton February 28, 2009
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