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1) a combination of whiskey and milk
2) awesomeness
Mike mixed whiskey and milk for breakfast and felt like shit afterwards, he drank alot.
by mike August 03, 2004
a slang word means power used by bloods mostly used in the pittsburgh,and philly area
wilkins wilk
by compton king July 20, 2008
Person who is of the christian religion.
This church is filled with wilks.
by BigBlackManWithBigBlackDick July 04, 2009
derogatory term for a male, a scumbag, a mooch. origin comes from a new england native whose name was Wilk
"Man my brother in law just sits on his ass all day listening to eyehategod and jazz music, he doesn't work or anything, he just collects money from the government."

'What a total Wilk'
by tghhf May 21, 2008