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Literal definition means "What A Joke". Can be used sarcastically, usually used to indicate lameness, the laugh ability at a subject, or purely how inane and retarded something may be. Other forms include Wajna and Wajjerskates.
Me: "I'm adding Shakespeare to Urban Dictionary"

Mike: "Waj"
by State_Points_FTW December 07, 2008
waj means what a joker (w-a-j), GIA
ho: i charge a fiver
doe boi: whaaattt?
ho: ORAL
doe boi: WAJ!
by kp189 June 09, 2007
Short for wajina...a hybrid of wuss and vagina. A wimp, whiner or cry baby.
Did you see him run from that fight. What a fucking waj!
by Heckler September 03, 2003
(What A Jew) it's what you say when some one says a jew like thingy
Jew: I'm remembering the time we all got our shabbat on!
Dude 1: WaJ
by D1n0 April 13, 2009
N: //A teacher who gives ridiculous amounts of homework, tests, or just sucks in general.

Teacher you hate/dislike/have no respect for.

Pronounced like "Waaajj"
Dude! Mrs. A is such a waj, I failed that fuckin test!

Soulja boy prolly had a waj cus he failed all his classes.

Mrs. B is a waj who is worse than tubgirl!!!

"You got wajjed son!"
by Atlshwing125 January 14, 2008
An RPI student that always wears a blue hat. He had sex with Bill Gates for $20.
Man#1: Hey WAJ, did you blow Bill Gates?
WAJ: Fuck yeah! He gave me $20.
by Butter December 20, 2004

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