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the whiniest form of half asian. he who refuses to shut up even though everyone around him ignores him to the point where he is almost non-existent.
"that Menzer got two minutes for whining."
by Butter November 17, 2005
Roadster, a two-seater sports car.
What a nigga look like, when a nigga in a roaster. - Jay-Z, Izzo( H.O.V.A )
by Butter September 08, 2004
a person with a shiny chin
by butter October 10, 2003
An RPI student that always wears a blue hat. He had sex with Bill Gates for $20.
Man#1: Hey WAJ, did you blow Bill Gates?
WAJ: Fuck yeah! He gave me $20.
by Butter December 20, 2004
the action of a haberdasher
Look at him haberdash, he's quite good.
by Butter January 06, 2005

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