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An abbreviation for Wingnut Threat Level.

#WTL is a common hashtag used on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, often used in the question, "What's the #WTL?"

Similar to the U.S. Government's Terrorism Alert Level, the answer is usually a color such as "red" or "orange." The subjective level is usually influenced by some ludicrous, exaggerated or manipulated hyper-partisan political event being praised or lauded by political operatives or extremists.

Regardless of which color (or other signifier) is used, the more the event threatens the public discourse, political civility, or narratives being advanced by the concorporate media, the greater is the assumed threat level.
After a tax protester crashed his light plane into an IRS office, the WTL went straight to red.
#threat code #alert level #danger level #danger code #alert system #threat level
by shoqvalue February 22, 2010
Phrase. "WHAT THE LUCK?"
Any situation won by luck.
Winning a competition by luck.

Vero: I WIN!
#luck #winning #losing #bull #cheating
by tdm13 May 15, 2011
this is a common way to say white trash loser without spelling it out. really it just saves you time while talking about people like levi johnson, kevin federline, britney spears, joe dirte, members of the kkk, people who have confederate flags in their trucks or homes, and anyone who has furniture in their front yard or on their porch.
"oh my god, the neighbors haven't mowed their lawn in weeks. what a bunch of wtls!! we have to move!"

"did you see britney going to the store in her pink wig and no shoes?"

"yeah i did. typical wtl."

"my ex boyfriend drinks beer all weekend and gets so drunk he can't talk and drools himself. he's a wtl."
#redneck #bubba #hick #hillbilly #dumpster diver
by MrsSkarsgard April 10, 2010
it means What the Lag
person 1 "man, my internet connection sucks. . . ok just load this page" page times out "wtl! Curse u dial up!"

person 2 "dude! Just get high speed."
#lag #dial up #wtf #dude #high speed
by versedaaron December 21, 2007
Work out, Tan, Laundry
Thats the routine. Everyday.

We work out, we get a tan, we get our laundry.

-The Situation, Jersey Shore
-Hey man what are you doin tomorrow morning?
-WTL, Bro, WTL
#w.t.l #wotl #twl #wlt #lwt
by imunnasmackthisfool January 26, 2010
Worse Than a Leper-- this is referrencing stupid lying whores, the only thing that is worse than being a leper
Dude 1: "That stupid bitch lied to me about fucking John"

Dude 2: "She's WTL. I'd rather date a fucking leper than a stupid lying whore"
#bitch #stufudiot #whore #leper #stufugly
by E Nizzle June 10, 2009
WTL is an abreviastion for the three words What the lols or how i say it "What the lawls". This is a word for things if u would like to subbstitude other words like so.(see example)
*player1 gets anal raped by a rocket*
player 1 says "WTL!"

player 2 says "lmfao u stupid ass newb!"
#what #the #lols #lawls #lawl #lol #wtl
by Cordell Briggs November 12, 2007
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