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someone who suffers from leprosy...this does not mean that their limbs fall off, just that their nerve endings die, so they cannot feel pain. This means they can't tell when they are wounded, and often develop gangrene. That's when the limbs fall off.
it's ok to hurt lepers because they don;t feel pain. people with diseases aren't real people.
by crunk fo shizzle nigga August 03, 2005
Someone who has Leperosy. May have Facial and Body disfigurement. (i.e. The face around the mouth has caved in (literally) )
' Oh my gosh, that guys face has caved in! I think he's a Leper!'
by georgia baby June 06, 2006
a person who sperates themselves from everyone. sometimes just cause they smell. an outcast, a kid who eats alone at lunch or in the bathroom. anyone with no friends. like losing friends to losing body parts.
"that leper makes me sad, should we ask him to eat lunch with us?"
"...he's a leper for a reason."
"good point."
by redrobot September 09, 2005
1. One who constantly cancels appointments, meetings, and friendly gatherings.
2. An acquaintance that constantly fails to follow through on a prior arrangement or obligation.
- Derived from the term leprocy. Leprocy is a communicable disease that causes lesions to the skin and disfiguring of organs. This is followed by flaking of the skin. Flaking is used in direct correlation with leper.
"Mooney is such a Leper! That is the third time in a row we were supposed to hang out and he never showed up!"
"I had talked to Mooney two times yesterday on the phone and he was supposed to meet me here two hours ago! What a leper!" (a similar word is Flake)
by BeaverJon February 02, 2007
A formerly good looking person who recently has gotten a mullet.
Also, a social outcast.
Person 1: Have you seen Billy Carrabino's haircut?
Person 2: Yeah, he's turned into a leper cause of that mullet he got.
by CTdoglovrr January 21, 2012
(noun) - A (typically highly educated) professional working in the United States due to scarce technical skills and in spite of a a deeply Limited English Proficiency (LEP). This is a very common malady in technology companies, university science and engineering departments, and government agencies that import significant portions of their workforce
Our electrical engineering department is just full of LEPers. Nice guys, and you can get lectures in circuit theory in any of 5 dozen asian languages, but there isn't a damn one of them that can hang together two English sentences.
by Frustrated_Monolingual August 04, 2009
Root: Limited-English-Proficiency-er One who does not speak enough English to be comprehensible, particularly on the telephone.
Before Sharon got Caller ID, she frequently had jagged and partial conversations with many a leper trying to get a hold of the immigrant who last inhabited her new home.
by Kate Thompson For Real August 16, 2008
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