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1. A woman so far below your standards that you would never hook up with her. A female that is not hot. Like not even close. If she were the only woman in the bar at closing time, you wouldn't take her home.
2. A conversation ending phrase when talking to a girl that is below beer goggle standards. Used to connote that small talk is going nowhere and she's not getting lucky.
3. A slightly less derogatory alternative to brown bagging.
1. You're such a pink wig, stay away.
2. Girl (5 minutes into conversation): So, want to go somewhere quiet where we can get to know each other better and really connect ...
Guy: Pink wig! Pink wig! Pink wig!
3. A: Man she's got a busted face.
W: She has a slammin' body. I'd still pink wig her.
by fonz dc November 08, 2007
A girl that is below even drunken hook up standards.
This bar is full of pink wigs.
by Phishman November 05, 2007
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