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32 definitions by shoqvalue

An organized political tactic or strategy aimed at exposing and promoting the actual facts about a political candidate, their positions, or their record.

A play on "Swiftboating," where baseless allegations are widely promoted to smear a candidate (often with funding provided by outside groups),"Truthboating" is designed to discredit a candidate or their positions based on well documented facts or the public record.

While some might consider telling the truth about a candidate to be a "dirty trick," others feel the practice may actually make an important contribution to electoral politics.
Mitt Romney called it "disgusting" that the Obama campaign was citing actual facts about when he worked at Bain Capital. Such truthboating is expected to escalate as the presidential election approaches.
by shoqvalue July 14, 2012
An image—often called an avatar—which represents an online user, often on some kind of social network or application, which serves as a tribute to some person, cause or idea. It may be permanent, or only used for the duration of a special event, or while an issue remains topical.
During the Iran Election crisis, the TV anchor had been using a Tributar depicting a Neda, a fallen protester. Later he switched to a Tributar showing himself as a child, sitting on his late father's lap.
by shoqvalue June 21, 2010
A contrived political message or theme designed to inspire or reinforce a blind adherence to a party or idea, often with a cynical awareness that professional and amateur followers and pundits will relentlessly repeat it throughout the Internet and mass media echo chambers with a nearly syncopated precision.
The talk show host knew that by pounding the table and screaming "we must take our government back," he was reissuing a marching meme that had inspired his many sycophantic followers in the past.
by shoqvalue June 18, 2010
Tea Party + Republican

A member of the Republican party, with strong anti-government sentiments, who often believes that national security, and expressions of patriotism, corporate fealty, and constitutionalism, are fundamentally more important to America's national character than the general health, education and welfare of its citizens.
Fed up with moderate Republicans, he decided he would only vote for Teapublicans.
by shoqvalue March 21, 2010
Someone that posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social network for the purpose of coming on to someone romantically on behalf of someone else—often for money.

The Ghost Dater presumably knows better how to engage, intrigue, flirt, or otherwise attract a prospective date than the hopeless loser they are hired by.
FakeDonJuan69 wanted to become a professional Ghost Dater so he could make a bundle coming on to women on behalf of guys whom they normally wouldn't be caught dead with.
by shoqvalue June 01, 2010
1) A registered member of the Republican party who is also a fundamentalist Christian

2) A registered Republican who chants "we must return to core conservative principals" with a monotonous, quasi-theistic regularity, often causing more moderate party members to consider the merits of registering as an independent.

3) A registered Republican who is also known to identify with, or apparently willing to appear as identified with the Christian Taliban Party (CTP).
Sam Brownback is a Republimentalist.

Sara Palin has known ties to the Republimentalist wing of the GOP.

Michelle Bachmann questions whether anyone but a Republimentalist can really love America, or keep it safe from Terrorists.
by Shoqvalue November 29, 2009
Chamber of Commerce + Teabagger

An executive, supporter or operative of any Chamber of Commerce that is overtly or covertly seeking to co-opt or align the various "Tea Party" (a.k.a. Teabagger) movements with themselves and the Republican Party, to further their traditionally pro-corporate political interests.
Having little experience organizing rallies, he was eager to listen to the friendly Chamberbagger who seemed eager to help.
by shoqvalue April 06, 2010