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Similar to Vee; it's what all the hispanic girls named Veronica are calling themselves because they think it's an original self-pet name. All 5 million of them.
Hey Vee, lets head down to Vero's for some tequila and then aftwards we can go to Veee's house to watch telemundo with V.
by BUSTINAMOVE November 19, 2008
1. Having zero control of your keyboard and typing as if you had dick fingers, in a manner that confuses the fuck out of your friends so much that they question whether you are even sober
Vero: On by the Wacom in Ivan
John: Did you just Vero your message?
by Brolos August 21, 2013
Unique, up front honest, not by the book personality
the statue of that guy standing on his head is vero
by Veroisme September 20, 2010
Naughty french-canadian who needs to visit England for some hot action!
I am véro. I am soooo naughty!!
by Unknown March 27, 2003
A quebecker (french-canadian) who did finally visit England to live with the guy who did the other definition of the same name, years after. Well known in her town as the runaway-to-england girl.
Vero? Oh yeah, the runaway-to-england girl!
by runaway girl March 09, 2004
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