"Welcome to Facebook".
Bob's dad got a facebook.

Bob: WTF?!

Dad: What does that mean?

Bob: Welcome to Facebook.
by molly1131 November 04, 2010
Why the face?
Modern family character misunderstanding for What the Fuck?
Dad says, I'm a modern dad, I know lol means laugh out loud, I know omg means oh my god, I know wtf means why the face
Funnily enough Why the Face fits in to many What the Fuck situations!! eg: Did you see the way that bitch was looking at you? WTF? ((what the fuck?/Why the face?))
by ITturd July 28, 2010
Wresting Takedown Federation

From South Park season 13 episode 10.
Did you see South Park last nite?

WTF, since when is SP on on Tuesday's?
by Milanifan December 06, 2010
wtf:what tom-foolery

normally used by the discerning gentleman in place of more boorish terms.
Gentleman 1:Good evening gents, shall we have a gander at this picture of a fat ugly emo lesbian mexican wrestler with hooks for hands?

Gentleman 2:What-ho, sounds like a smashing idea.

Gentleman 3:I say gents wtf is this.
by LDE December 10, 2007
WTF is a term which is well-known its other meaning(s), which can be explained away innocently to children who needn't learn its true meaning(s).
Child: Mom, what does WTF mean?
Mom: Wow, that's fantastic!
by Angela Buraglia October 05, 2007
Simply means; "What The Fuck."
B Reezy: Hey, Johnnie Butt Pussy, you owe me a twenty.

JBP: Aww, WTF!
by Johnnie Butt Pussy September 24, 2008
whack the frog as said on a spin off of yugioh the abridged series created by littlekuriboh.
like weevil,wtf means like,whack the frog or something.....

by mac_money October 09, 2006

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