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a word overused by 8 year olds who just discovered the internet. they think theyre cool.
8 year old: lolums guys look at these funny animal pics
by MotherFatherWhoAreYou February 20, 2014
Finding something funny in an akward situation.
when someone falls over and you find it funny. then you feel bad because they got hurt.. Lolum
by brittbrittbrittbrittbritt August 10, 2010
An awesome variation of "lol" made up by Kennedy.
Lindsay: "Did you hear Britney shaved her head?!"
Kennedy: "lolums"
by Kennedy Byers-O'Brien September 01, 2007
A cooler version of lol that is used when something is actually funny.
Phil: Jade goody has cancer.

Dave: lolums
by Philiship March 20, 2009
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