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The same meaning as "What the fuck," just saying the letters out. Mostly Australians use it, but it sounds funny as hell.
Bob: Hey man, did you see that girl last night?

Sticky: W-T-F man, you went to the club without me?
by Ukyo Hikuraga. March 16, 2005
Stands for What The Fuck.
sexmister234: dude, i fucked up your mom last night! She makes my kinky!
WTFman3342: WTF?
by USSR December 11, 2003
WTF stands for What the fuck. If you are unsure of something or pissed off or dont understand why something has happened.
Girl: Bananas dance at night.
Boy: WTF!!

Mean girl: Your an asshole.
Stupid guy: Wtf!!

Monkey1: The Zebra asked me out.
Gorilla: She was mine bitch!!
Human: WTF!!!

Boy: MY cousin ate me for dinner.
Girl: WTF!!

Depressed guy: My girlfriend left me for a goldfish.
Bitch: WTF!
by Evrythingztaken March 20, 2007
Wat The Fuck

used in instant messaging when somthing is random also c LMAFO
<person 1> W T F is he on
<person 2> Ur Mum
by chris boof November 06, 2006
stands for "what the fuck"
Dusty: *randon question out of nowhere*

Me: wtf??!
by anime September 30, 2005
what the fuck?

use it in place of expletives. a more polite alternative.
yo, wtf are you doing up? it's 2 AM!
by Anonymous December 10, 1999
Denotes: What the Fuck!
After a heavy night of drinking John exclaims, W.T.F., I can't find my wallet!
by Kevin2005 September 28, 2005