Days of the week abbreviation: (W)ednesday (T)hursday (F)riday
A fact of life: After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F ...
by mtf November 14, 2011
two meanings:

1. what the fuck

2. want to fuck
cheryl - ha ha, i like cheese
kimberly - ok, wtf?

kimberly - i mean what the fuck.
cheryl - oh, ok. i tought you meant want to fuck, lol
by .x<3?x. May 06, 2011

1. Used after becoming aware of an unbelievable or astonishing subject. Acronym for "What The F---?!"
2. In cases such as Amy the Slasher, it may also represent "Wells That Frequent?!" After one becomes aware of the well in her backyard she uses to dump her victims. The very notion of a well in a backyard prompts one to exclaim —— well, you know*. For more, see oh-so-convenient.

*Note: For those whose minds run at a lower rpm, that which one would exclaim here is not "Well, you know." Indeed, it is "wtf?!"
1. At the restaurant part of the date, Shannon complains to the waiter, "Waiter, there's tomato in my hair soup!"
Mike exclaims, "Wtf?!"

2. After seeing 138 wells along the countryside on the road trip, a frustrated Jason bursts, "WTF?!"
by Nuclear Tank Factory March 11, 2009
1. An acronym for 'What the fuck' Cover Up: 'We're too fat'
2. What you would say when you wake up on a Thursday morning on a ferris wheel in the Iowa state fair wearing nothing but a toga and carrying a ukelele.
Dude 1: MAN!!!! WTF!!!!

Dude 1's younger sister: What does WTF mean?

Dude 1: We're too fat
by importantperson January 20, 2008
An abbreviation for the phrase "What The Fuck". This is often used in conversations when in a CBF mood (cannot be fucked) and you want to let the receiver of the "WTF" to know how your feeling. This can be percieved as different emotion due to the complexity of the word Fuck.
The following example denotes suprise:
KY: Did you know that Osama Bin Laden is in my backyard?
Nazza: WTF!!!!

The following example denotes anger:
Nazza: Hey brother I screwed your girl last nite
Some Cunt:WTF!!!!!
by CrAzY Dj NaZzA August 04, 2006
Please add: 1) an expression of surprise or bewilderment, concerning an event or accident. Disappointment or displeasure is clearly implied.
2) a signal of resignation, coming from the realization of one's powerlessness in a situation, or, alternatively, one's boredom.
1) You just unpacked a new camera to find the lens broken.
2) Your wife has just griped that your second attempt to clean out the garage is still inadequate. Here, wtf is preceded by "OK,....."
by henpecked March 23, 2005
has the moral standards of, the 5 w's...what the fuck, why the fuck, where the fuck, who the fuck, when the fuck
by KeViN* April 29, 2003
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