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A device that people carry around that usually beeps when someone gets paged. Pagers are dying out because of cell phones.
I think you need a new battery for your pager.
by David March 06, 2004
(noun) a drug addict (usually a crackhead) who sells, or procures for sale, stolen items in order to support his or her drug habit.
That pager wanted money for a rock so he tried to sell me a camera.
by max March 10, 2004
A sommamabitch drug addict (also known as a CRACK HEAD ) who steals shit from you and then, comes back and (knowingly) tries to sell you the shit he JUST STOLE FROM YOU!(So he can get money for more drugs.) Or goes and pawns any thing for money for drugs (right down to their kids christmas gifts).
You go out on that block you better make sure a pager doesn't see that gold necklace and sneak up on you.

Can you stop at the pawn shop and see if That ring is in there that your pager ass brother stole from me and pawned in last week?
by l260 March 16, 2004
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