short for what the fuck
*playing Halo* "WTF? n00b!!!" ~ almost every player on Halo
by Dirge January 30, 2005
When used with a question mark, someone is asking What The Fuck because they can't believe that how utterly insane something is.

When used with an exclamation point someone is says Wow That's Fantastic! This case is usually sarcastic, though because Fantastic really means Insane.
"WTF? I showed you how to type in your username and password 3 times and you still can't figure out how to log into your computer?"

"WTF! You got a promotion for sitting on your ass while I did all of the work!"
by SoWaky December 12, 2008
1. One or more natural flaws that occur in every known female. It refers to the fact that every girl/woman has something about them that will make you (as a guy) exclaim: "What the FUCK!?" It is usually something that they consistantly do or say that doesn't make sense to a guy, but since all girls are crazy, they think it is normal. These flaws differ in most girls, but are almost always present.
(If you know of a girl without a WTF please inform the author.)

2. The pissed off/annoyed/frusterated statement "What The Fuck!?"
Are you kidding me? You just came her to look around and not buy anything?? WTF?!

You just want to be friends with him, but you do like him and like hanging out with him all the time alone? WTF!?

She always does this shit! WTF
by ZachX September 19, 2007
WTF (Windows Text File) is a plain-text file format developed by Microsoft. It is intended for storing text information in readable form. Many users report problems opening it, because most systems don't know what to do with the .wtf file extension. The resulting error messsage "WTF? Unknown file extension!" is widely known. The chat acronym WTF is commonly used to signify uncertainty or unpleasant surprise.

As part of Microsoft's effort to develop free, open, user-friendly software environments, it is constantly improving file formats. After WMV (Windows Media Video) and (WMA - Windows Media Audio), it published proposals for WMP (Windows Media Picture) and WTF (Windows Text File) in May, 2006.

"WTF?" is the usual response by many users, who are not sure how Microsoft intends to compete with TXT format. Microsoft's release timeline calls for the TXT format to be made obsolete within months, by disallowing Windows Vista to open .txt files.
System Requirements

* '$30.00' license fee for usage
* Cheese grater
* 76 IQ maximum (any more and KERNEL32 takes a dive)
by Kodiac1 December 10, 2006
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