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two meanings:

1. what the fuck

2. want to fuck
cheryl - ha ha, i like cheese
kimberly - ok, wtf?

kimberly - i mean what the fuck.
cheryl - oh, ok. i tought you meant want to fuck, lol
by .x<3?x. May 06, 2011
1. An acronym, usually meaning "What the fuck", widely used in chat programs, forums, etc.
Note: It doesn't always mean "What", it can also be Who, When, Where, and Why.
2. A phrase used when in shock or surpise.
3. A phrase used when people cannot spell out the whole three words, or just prefer choosing this WTF other than anything more appropiate.
4. Any words that fit in the acronym, WTF, such as
Where's the Food?, What's This For? , Write to File, and What The Freak.
Noob #1: WTF H3 1SH CHEETiiNG onMEHz!
Noob #2: WTF, cheetiing? o___o;;
Noob #1: YESHiES! WTF...I wonder what that means...
Noob #2: Dude...Enough. WTF do you mean WTF? -__- Way to Fly?
by Jennifer DER ;] January 19, 2006
where's the food.

who taped frank?
why's that furry?
you are at a party & you cant find the food :
by aniggawidabrain June 09, 2011

1. Used after becoming aware of an unbelievable or astonishing subject. Acronym for "What The F---?!"
2. In cases such as Amy the Slasher, it may also represent "Wells That Frequent?!" After one becomes aware of the well in her backyard she uses to dump her victims. The very notion of a well in a backyard prompts one to exclaim —— well, you know*. For more, see oh-so-convenient.

*Note: For those whose minds run at a lower rpm, that which one would exclaim here is not "Well, you know." Indeed, it is "wtf?!"
1. At the restaurant part of the date, Shannon complains to the waiter, "Waiter, there's tomato in my hair soup!"
Mike exclaims, "Wtf?!"

2. After seeing 138 wells along the countryside on the road trip, a frustrated Jason bursts, "WTF?!"
by Nuclear Tank Factory March 11, 2009
"What the fuck!" It's just another way of saying "what the fuck" in a situation that's necessary.It's usually used in a character's thinking bubble in cartoons.
"Look at that horse with the fucked up leg!"
-... W.T.F? ... Damn that's nasty!
by Tugboats June 03, 2006
What the fuck.
wtf is that, a halo?
by Spauk May 20, 2003
Who the fuck
The (w) is meaning who instead of what
Person1- omfg I just saw Garrett Hedlund at Starbucks
Person2- (w)tf is Garret Hedlund!?!?!?
by E/V August 05, 2011