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A bunch of douchebags that copyright videos on Youtube thinking they stole the audio/video. Yet,the person who made the video did not. They bought the CD and made the video with a game and yet still got copyrighted.
Stands for Warners Music Group.
Person 1:Hey,did you see Counter Clockwise Strike: Lighting? It was funny!
Person 2:No,it got copyright for the audio.
Person 1: WTF?! They are using their own voices and they got copyright? Fuck off WMG!
Person 3:If you want to boycott them look at the first defintion and follow their link to the real name of them.
by wmg can suck my dick July 07, 2009
A bunch of assholes set out on a mission to ruin youtube videos because they were using "stolen" audio tracks, while they were probably bought on itunes or something.
Person 1: Hey did you see that video I told you about?
Person 2: no cause fucking WMG copyrighted the soundtrack.
by stupidhalo124 November 10, 2009
Weapons of mass gaming. Or Weaponsofmassgaming, a group of 3 guys: JT, Metal Chris and Butch that do Magic the Gathering and COD videos on youtube with the funnyest most entertaining commentary YouTube has ever got.
Dude- Hey did you see the last Pants taken by WMG in that Match they just posted?

Dude2- uhhh not yet but i'll check it out when i get home.

Dude- here check it out on my phone... It's to cool to be watched later.
by Fast Spaghetti June 26, 2011
Acronym for Whoa My God.

Similar to omg, but more innovative in leetness. It is believed that the acronym derived in a game called Dark Age of Camelot, by a character named Ashlet of the Mordred server.
Wmg Weewoo is the best Vampiir on Mordred!
by xJacob July 06, 2005
Whoa my god.

Also used as a handy way to remember the scientific formula for weight. W=MG
Person 1: Dude...Check this shit out.


Person 1: Dude...What's the equation for weight?
Person 2: WMG
by Hamalololol November 09, 2009
whoa my god

wmg you fucking suck
wmg you're a noob
by kriegsher June 04, 2005
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