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When a person, usually high, smiles/giggles and points repeatedly at an object. Usually showing how much awesomeness that thing has.
After toking the pipe, my buddy handed me a bag of jerky. I showed my appreciation and joy by giving it the this shit right here!
by Hamalololol September 05, 2009
1.) verb. To be funny.
2.) What comedians do.

It only makes sense.
Stupid English language. If haters hate, comedians comede dammit.
Douchey McChuulerson comeded on your status.
by hamalololol September 15, 2010
Whoa my god.

Also used as a handy way to remember the scientific formula for weight. W=MG
Person 1: Dude...Check this shit out.


Person 1: Dude...What's the equation for weight?
Person 2: WMG
by Hamalololol November 09, 2009

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