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A greedy recording company that decided to milk the money out of Youtube but failed. Instead, they decided to screw over people by muting the audio in their Youtube videos or imposing severe penalties such as suspensions, labeling the uploader as theives.

Here is my opinion to you, Warner. By pissing off the consumers that buy your products, your reducing your chances of going through the recession intact and increasing the chances you'll go out of business.
Here is the list of Warner Music Group labels:


If you agree that WMG crippling Youtube is wrong, boycott and DO NOT BUY any CD, mp3, song or ANY form of music from any label in that list.

(Don't P2P or download them illegally either, you'll just give a reason for those freaks.)
by Doppelgangergang January 26, 2009
Shorthand for Warner Music Group
Oh, no... WMG claimed my Youtube video!
by Doppelgangergang February 01, 2009
The unfunniest comedian that ever existed.
John: Here are some excerpts from Shakespeare's work, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

*blah blah*

Jack: Wait.... They are funny! HaHaHa... NO.
by Doppelgangergang January 20, 2009

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