Victoria is an amazing person who is very crazy yet has a kind side. She also has very brown eyes and beaudiful hair that is super soft 24/7. She could be the most popular girl in the school yet choses not to because she is loyal to her friends and doesn't care what other people think of her. She is amazingly thin and beaudiful. She also has a really hot but sometimes not so thoughtful boyfriend.
1.) "Wow that girl is so slim and beaudiful she must be a Victoria"
2.) "Victoria is amazing and I would never call her calva"
3.) "Wow dude look at Victoria I wasn't looking while walking cause she so pretty the other day and spilled applesause all over her! She was cool with it though."
4.) "Victoria could never do anything wrong I love her."
5.) "Victoria's my favorite" VICTORIA: BURRRRRPPPPP *Everyone laughs* "You're stilll my favorite"
6.) Victoria's boyfriend didn't dance with her at the dance even though shes amazing :( poor girl.
by Wowness March 07, 2012
An amazing girl who is a very unique person and is destined to work in the arts, most likely as a singer. Is a very smart, funny, cute and sassy person who may not be the best at math and science, but excels at music. Hates people who are fake and bossy, likes people who are funny and nice. Sometimes has conflicting ideas with her parents, but is loved by all the people around her. People who hate her are difficult to find, but those who do are have very bad judgements in character
Person 1: Hey did you see Victoria?
Person 2: Yea, shes such an amazing singer!
by msaphrodite77 September 28, 2011
A girl who never fails to amaze everyone around her. She is beautiful, funny, fun to talk to, and an amazing friend. She can light up a room with her smile, make people laugh with her corny jokes, drop the jaws of every guy that sees her, and make people fall head over heels for her with her "teehee" and "shucks."
Guy1: "dude, do you know Victoria?"

Guy2: "Which one?"

Guy1: "The one that made you trip over the car, because you werent looking"

Guy2: " that's her name..."
by penisniggervictoria July 22, 2010
You want her but she's so mean

You’ll never let her go, why don’t you let her go?
Victoria has a hard time coming when she can't hit back
by dinosaur jr. September 27, 2012
The most amazing girl in the world. She will always be there for you. She is the one you can love forever. Shes that girl that you cant keep off your mind. Shes the most amazing girl you will ever meet and you dont know what you could ever do without her. Shes too beautiful to even describe the most perfect girl in the world. Youll wanna hold her and never let go and when you kiss her you wont be able to stop. Shes the sweetest girl ever with the cutest laugh and most amazing smile you will ever see. She has the most amazing body you have ever layed your eyes on theres no other girl anything like her. All you have to do is look into her gorgeous eyes and you will fall in love. She is the one for me and I love her like crazy.
I love Victoria with all my heart.
by 1/3/14 January 28, 2014
Person who likes to use correct grammer, is super rad. Victoria's love the planet and are generaly known as hippies.
Oh man, that super rad person is so a Victoria.

Did you read her gramaticly correct sentences, she must be a Victoria.

by deadhead53 January 30, 2009
bestest friend ever;

properly raised;
always gives free coffee;
specialized in Japanese sword fighting
expert at making delicate paper cranes and fancies making things out of paper napkins (ex. bow tie).

enjoys karaté and making fires with anything that burns.

sometimes makes paper cranes and then skillfully and precisely, quickly cuts them up in the air while in flight with her Katana.

*loves jeopardy with a passion.
"I would totally bring that girl to meet my parents" "ye man she's a Victoria."

"fuck man, these fires only burn good when Victoria is here"

"I wish I had a pet paper crane" "you can dude!! so easy, just call Victoria"
by mmmmmmeeeeeehhhh February 03, 2012

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