An amazing gir who is the best girlfriend in the world. As close to perfect as anyone can come. Other girls aspire to be like her.
Wow I wish I was dating Victoria....
by JS100810 February 18, 2013
a gorgeous, intelligent, sweet but sexy girl who always gets what she wants. ;)
Girl1: Who is that? shes so pretty!!

Girl2: thats victoria.

Girl1: I think i just turned les.
by irockyourworld February 25, 2010
Means victory or victorious. Used as a name would mean that this person is very victorious or good at something. Victoria's can be mean at times without knowing it, but tend o be more of a nice person to those who deserve it.
I wish I was a victoria, then I'd be good at something.
She's so nice, I bet she's a victoria.
by Fleebe April 25, 2009
Really amazing goddess with one of the best attitudes ever.Her body will put you in a trans that only she can take you out of,
Her booty is just amazing and so soft like a pillow

If you find a Victoria keep her and treasure her and never let her go.
Person 1:Wow look at her!!
Person2:yes she is definitely a Victoria!
by swagswagyoloswag March 31, 2015
A beautiful girl who is very shy, but once you get to know her, she is the best person you will ever meet. Very smart, and nice. Is very mean to people who are tall and have curly blonde hair.
I heard that Victoria called Grant a dumb-fuck the other day. It was funny.
by thatgirlwithashoulderfetish March 04, 2015
Victoria aka Tori is the queen of EVERYTHING! She is legit the queen! Don't challenge her for the throne because Tori will when every time! Victoria is the queen because she is the only non-ratchet in this world…
Savanah: I'm the queen.

Other person: Oh heck no!!! Victoria is the queen, she rules over you!!! So, you better step down.
by Toriisthequeen January 10, 2015
She is a drop dead gorgeous girl who brings joy when everyone is blue.she is a very funny girl and you will make you laugh even though you are sad.she has incredible brown eyes that are so pretty.youll see she loves wearing tight at school and on cold days instead of pants.everyones gets along pretty good with her . She could also be pretty bad once in awhile but she is mostly amazing and nice.she has a best friend name kilah and they are always making jokes.when victoria is sad you can't stand it cause you miss her smile .victorias friend kilah has curly hair and they both go places together
Victoria is a winner
by Loverpeace January 06, 2015

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