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Means victory or victorious. Used as a name would mean that this person is very victorious or good at something. Victoria's can be mean at times without knowing it, but tend o be more of a nice person to those who deserve it.
I wish I was a victoria, then I'd be good at something.
She's so nice, I bet she's a victoria.
by Fleebe April 25, 2009
Someone who can make you smile when you're down, she can make you laugh in any situation. She is amazingly gorgeous and pretty. She is just all around perfect
Guy1 you see Victoria?

Guy2 yeah she's awesome
by Dillon.m February 27, 2014
a gorgeous, intelligent, sweet but sexy girl who always gets what she wants. ;)
Girl1: Who is that? shes so pretty!!

Girl2: thats victoria.

Girl1: I think i just turned les.
by irockyourworld February 25, 2010
This is the most beautiful girl in the world. She was born to be an actress. All the boys love her but are scared to talk to her because they know she's a heart breaker and doesn't put up with shit. She is a lot of fun, amazing friend, and is fun in bed(; remember that boiis(:
(boy 1)Dude do you see that girl, that must be a Victoria
(boy 2)Yeah thats a sexii chick
by Purplethunder223 April 07, 2010
1. Very beautiful, very intelligent, and super athletic. She is extremely well motivated, always competitive, yet so charming. She never takes shit from anyone, even though it is rare for shit to be offered.

2. A slightly mysterious girl that may or may not play ice hockey.
Admirer: "Victoria is so amazing. I want to be like her one day."

Buddy: "You want to be a girl?"

Admirer: "No, I want to be amazing."

Buddy: "oh. Well I still think it'd be cool to be a girl though."
by barzillacuntilla September 01, 2009
1. A state in Australia

2. A girls' name

3. A provincial capital in British Columbia (Canada)

4. A waterlily plant genus

5. The Roman goddess of Victory

6. Latin for "victory"
1. Melbourne, Victoria has won the most livable city award three times.

2. Queen Victoria

3. Victoria is on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island.
by _acid_bel June 09, 2009
A loud person with a loud laugh.
Boy- who is that loud girl?
girl- thats victoria
by hi7 March 28, 2013