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Victoria is a girl who LOVES music, animals, and having fun. She rapes youtube, and loves hugs. She's a huge flirt. She flirts with anything and eveyone. If you meet a Victoria prepare to fall in love because she is really pretty an a very loving person. She's the type of girl no one notices because she's really shy, but once you do an you talk to her, she'll open up like a book. She's the best friend one could have. She only has a couple of problems, mainly a lot of drama; she starts up a conversation whenever and wherever. She's so random it'll make you smile. She's insecure and doesn't know she's beautiful so let her know. She's the type of girl that makes you trip over everything in your path 'cause you aren't paying attention. If you're lucky you can become friends with her and then something more (possibly), if you become more than friends and break-up, stay friends, because if you don't you'll regret it forever. She's an amazing kisser. She has a great butt and nice legs. She doesn't know when a guy likes her so if you do let her know. She's super funny and sweet, her smile & laugh will brighten up your day. She's the type of girl to make you smile!
"That's Victoria! Isn't she amazing?"
by Sound&Frequency&Love March 30, 2012
The most ridiculously amazing, pretty, sweet, and cute girl in the world. She can make anybody happy by smiling, she may seem like a good girl but has a bad girl side, even if she is into pink fuzzy things. Shes just great!
COOl! I just saw a Victoria!
by ordinaryrunofthemill November 27, 2012
A private dancer usually hired by agreement. The most common person to have a victoria as a private dancer would be a person by the name of Daniel.
Person 1: "Hey did you see that victoria!"

Person 2: "You think I could hire her?"

Person 3: "Nah, I heard she's under oath by Daniel."
by IllNasty December 20, 2012
A girl who is wonderful, amazing, and can turn your world from bland to amazing with a simple glance. she is perfect in every way, and can effortlessly brighten your day.
she is destined to marry a Seth, because they are perfectly compatable
Guy1:Did you see Victoria?
Guy2:Yea dude..the sun started shining the moment i saw her
by MasterDarc September 27, 2011
The most beautiful, caring, sweet, and bubbly girl you'll ever meet. She always comes off as so happy and giggly, her laugh is contagious. She can light up the darkest room and make anyone smile simply by being present. No one I know can ever stay mad at her for anything, even when she ignores you, because you know if you loose her you'll never find anyone quite like her. She's super chill, and relaxed. She's not like other girls, she spends most of her time playing Xbox and working at the game store. I think she prefers to be one of the guys, although she remains faithful to whoever she is dating, considering she is always taken. I wish I had a chance with her, even though I know I'd never be good enough, no one is. she has a very beautiful, astonishing, and unique look and personality, one that comes off as both innocent and sexy. She is the definition of perfect, or as close as it gets. She is the girl I want to marry one day.
Guy1: I just met Victoria and I think I'm in love

Guy2: I wish that Victoria would notice me, I need her in my life.

Guy3: I haven't seen Victoria in months and I still can't stop thinking of her.
by GodOfWar22 July 26, 2013
Victoria is a beautiful, strong, caring girl. She loves and cares for all. She has a stunning voice that will cure anything. Her laughter is what will keep you going. She can make you roll on the floor of laughter and make you pee your pants by how amusing she is! She may seem all "little miss nice girl" but after a while, you can see her dangerous side. She can be fierce like a tiger but also make your day brighter. Her looks, oh my god. She is the most beautiful girl you will ever see walk the earth. Her face will make your day better, even when in your deepest depressions. Her smile can make the whole world stop and stare at the beauty and passion. She has drop dead gorgeous hair, any color, any shape, she looks like a model fresh off the runway. No matter how hard she falls, she will always pick herself back up and be her at her best. Her care towards others is undeniable. She would wake up at 3am to come to any of your needs, no matter how much she would just want to sit and sleep.
Jeff- "did you see how beautiful Victoria is today?"
Steve- "can't wait to see her tonight when I close my eyes"
by Thebadbitch April 17, 2013
You want her but she's so mean

You’ll never let her go, why don’t you let her go?
Victoria has a hard time coming when she can't hit back
by dinosaur jr. September 27, 2012