Victoria is awesome, French and Pretty! and just because she has glasses doesnt mean she's not gorgeous! Very smart and has talents waiting to be discovered. Victoria is usually very funny and makes up her own little things that are extreamly cute and known to be very clever. Victorias are AWESOME!
child 1: Dude did you see Vicki today! I LOLd in class

Child 2: OMG i heard she's a jokester and totally GORGEOUS!

child 1: Yeah, yeah she is! she's a Victoria
by xxxiateUrFishxxx March 22, 2012
A girl that can over rule other with a stare. She has a personality that can pop your socks off! She has a dark, sexy side to the package. She will be the most beautiful person that you have ever met. You will never forget her smile. She works hard for what she wants and will usually com from a very wealthy family
Guy 1: Damn, who is that girl!? I'd be her slave If I can.

Guy 2: Her name is Victoria, I would do that to!

Guy 3: She gave me a boner...

Guy 4: She must come from a rich family.
by jamielittle May 25, 2014
The most cutest, sweetest girl ever! If you see her you'll want to meet her for sure! She can get attention quickly and she has a few flaws like we all do but most of the time she is just a great person to be around! All of the guys will fall in love with her! If not there is something wrong with that guy! She never puts you down unless you put her down! If your on her bad side you might wanna stay away cause she will blow you away by just looking at you and regret what you did. She loves to laugh ang have fun but she knows the right times when not to joke around!
Boys cant resist Victoria. Ive seen her blow people away even girls! Shes just that amazing!
by Lilcake829 March 22, 2014
if the victoria is a brunette, she is usually one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. she is sweet, kind, loving, friendly, and very energetic. she loves animals and nature. she is never shy and many guys usually like her.

if the victoria is blonde, she is usually an annoying bitch. she is known to spread rumors and talk a lot of shit. blonde victorias usually aren't very stunning either. guys tend to avoid blonde victorias because they bitch about everything and everyone.
1. brunette victoria:

who is that brunette over there?

that's victoria!

wow, she is gorgeous

2. blonde victoria:

this is my girlfriend.

what's her name?


oh, that explains her face and bitchy attitude
by pseudooooo May 18, 2013
A local lady of the night with exceptional talents, a voracious (vegetarian) sexual appetite and a non-discriminatory policy.
To a little Asian boy with big dreams
Victoria gave head until he screamed
Rode his cock until the first break of dawn
Didn't use a condom, here come the spawn
In fifty different sex positions
One thought those noises came from musicians
She tied his limbs with silk to the bedposts
In PVC she was getting so close
As he pulled out at six in the morning
She wanted him to keep on with his horning
As he pulled out at six in the morning
She wanted him to keep on with his horning
by geoffrey chaucer November 13, 2007
Victoria's are gorgeous and seem flawless. They are very active and talented. When you hear their voice you'll be amazed. Victoria's love to be active, and always win any sports competition. Any guy that comes up to her is just astonished by her. If you ever meet a Victoria, you are one lucky person. <3
Victoria you are so hot.

Wow, just wow.
by Ilysm<3 October 22, 2013
Victoria is the best at everything, shes just perfect and amazing in every way imaginable. Shes your dream girlfriend and the person you would die for. She makes you laugh when your sad or down but she will always be by your side no matter what. She means everything to you so never let her go!!
"Hey man did you see Victoria today"?

"Yea man shes so hot, too bad she's taken".
by Rainbow Trout5943 April 12, 2015
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