Victoria has got to be the most ahmayzing girl in the world. Victoria is a name given to the most beautiful, fun, caring, loving, sarcastic, annoying, spontanious girl ever. She's fun to be around, but will cut your head off if you mess around with her boyfriend Bradley. Loves rap music, and dances like a BOSS.
"See Victoria?"
"Yea man, she's so cool she give head with her shades on"
"Whoa, so amazing"
#loving #sexy #cool #abnoxious #beautiful
by Drake_Lover_94 November 01, 2011
Victoria is the best. Her laugh is contagious, just seeing her smile makes everyone smile. She's so cute it's difficult to pay attention to anything else. She knows how to brighten my days no matter what else is going on she shuts off the bad and effortlessly makes me happier than I've been in a long time. One of these days when I'm holding her my arms I'm never going to let her leave.

There is not 1 person in this world that I would ever choose to be with over you
Guy 1: What! you're getting married? Big mistake

Guy 2: Dude, calm down. It's VICTORIA

Guy 1: My bad, man. Hey congrats! She chose you after all

Guy 2: It's all good. Yeah, I was just going to pick her up

Guy 1: Whoa, can I come?

Guy 2: As long as you don't touch her

Guy 1: Yea, that restraining order was not fun. I missed out on my daily dose of Victoria for 2 yrs!!

Guy 2: Get out
#stun #porn star #addicted #fire #jealousy #real #vicky #love #beautiful #turn over #dripping
by nomnomnomnomm January 13, 2012
The only girl I've loved, been in love with, and will always love... literally. Eyes that can melt a heart, smile that can turn darkness into something beautifully bright, laugh that just... Gorgeous. hot. That girl that you dream about. She's the one girl that's worth every sleepless night and every "I miss you" or "I love you" or "I need you". Happy, funny, quirky, she's all I'll ever need
Person 1: You're so happy, did you talk to Victoria?

Person 2: (Mesmerized and drooling)

Person 1: Oh look everyone's laughing over there, Victoria must be around
#heavenly #green day #rebel #adorable #legend #top
by sausagefaest January 07, 2012
Victoria is kind, caring, sweet, talented, never faltering in the friendship she so freely gives. You are a very lucky person to know a Victoria. Do not take her for granted, she can be fragile, she deserves to be treated with care and respect. Victoria's often do not see their own talent, and need to be reminded of it often, in time, they may even grow to see it in themselves, if their talent is nurtured and cared for. Victoria's are remarkable people, they seem so close to perfect it is almost scary, people may question if they even deserve the friendship they are given, do not fret, friendship will not be given to those whom are unworthy, not often at least. Victoria's are usually good judges of character, although they do make mistakes every now and again, it is just one of the factors reminding those around them that yes, this perfect angle is human, even if she does seem heaven sent.
Person 1: So did you enjoy talking to that girl last night?
Person 2: Of course! Victoria is amazing, she's helped me in so many ways, I don't even know how to thank her for all shes done...
Person 1: Yeah, she's an amazing friend, she's always there for those she cares for.
#victoria #beautiful #talented #tori #kind #amazing #friend
by Artisticallyliterate December 23, 2012
Victoria is a girl who LOVES music, animals, and having fun. She rapes youtube, and loves hugs. She's a huge flirt. She flirts with anything and eveyone. If you meet a Victoria prepare to fall in love because she is really pretty an a very loving person. She's the type of girl no one notices because she's really shy, but once you do an you talk to her, she'll open up like a book. She's the best friend one could have. She only has a couple of problems, mainly a lot of drama; she starts up a conversation whenever and wherever. She's so random it'll make you smile. She's insecure and doesn't know she's beautiful so let her know. She's the type of girl that makes you trip over everything in your path 'cause you aren't paying attention. If you're lucky you can become friends with her and then something more (possibly), if you become more than friends and break-up, stay friends, because if you don't you'll regret it forever. She's an amazing kisser. She has a great butt and nice legs. She doesn't know when a guy likes her so if you do let her know. She's super funny and sweet, her smile & laugh will brighten up your day. She's the type of girl to make you smile!
"That's Victoria! Isn't she amazing?"
#vicky #flirty #lovable #great smile #fun
by Sound&Frequency&Love March 30, 2012
a man's trophy, medallion, or certificate of some sort to be put on display for the rest of the world.
The Man's victoria was shining and caught the attention of many.
#victoria #lopez #vicky #tori #spannish #trophy #medallian
by white_puma January 16, 2011
Beautiful, spiritual, God-centered, family oriented, people person. This girl loves being socially interactive and making people feel at ease. She has a knack for making the best out of hard situations and giving you a good laugh at something silly. She knows exactly what to do to cheer a sad person up, but at the same time she can cock an attitude if you push the wrong buttons. She doesn't take smack off of anyone, but she can be a pushover as well. She has many inside jokes with her best friend, (who is just as amazing, if not more.) She's wonderful and all that is awesome.
Random Person 1: "Wow! Look at that girl worshipping the Lord!"
Random Person 2: "I know! Did you see all the people that she talked to before service?"
Random Person 1: "Yup! Definitely a social butterfly!"
Random Person 2: "She's GOTTA be a Victoria!"
Random Person 1: "Totally a Vick-T!"
#awesome #amazing #tempermental #loveable #beautiful #spirtual
by ags1994 January 09, 2011
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