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Mostly women are derived to be strong and independent coming from this name.
The men are a little bit more loco because they are never able to access their senses of contentness.
Many Valdez's have been undertaken as gringas because they are light skinned by other people in the society. They are also always overruled by the corporate America and challenged to intelligence because of the name.
The Valdez her/hisself doesn't underestimate anything. They always think they know it all. And they are always willing to throw down while they are holding their corona or modelo without spilling it.
At an accounting firm... "We'll get Valdez to box the company supplies."

by -ms. valdez September 22, 2008
The state of a woman's underwear during an extremely heavy period.
Aw bro, no action for me this weekend. My lady is all valdezy.
by GuidoMcSqualbstein January 15, 2015
Valdez is a pussy who stalk people and has the cops on speed dial. AkA (cop callers)
A valdez is a person who is jealous of the gallegos and the will hate on them and call the police
by what is a valdex May 31, 2014
(verb) To spill "Sludge" onto a person, place, or thing.
She Valdezed my sheets after we had sex
by HB FTW March 22, 2010
When deficating and your turd runs aground (hits the side), leaving a devastating slick (skid mark) on the bowl.
Hey, be careful when you're going to the toilet today; Someone has done a Valdez in the last cubicle.
by Tom....../.. August 27, 2006
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