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The seventh wheel of the seven demigods of the newest Prophecy in the series The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He's described looking like an elf, but it doesn't stop the truck loads of adolescents who want to hop on the mcshizzle dragon and put a whole new meaning to sex on fire. Leo is fire user son of Hephaestus, who can literally shoot fire from his hands how nifty.
Leo Valdez: Kiss me , you fool!
fangirls: No please fuck me.
Jason Grace: *jacks off to leo*
Piper Mclean: im crying
Frank Zhang: Who the fuck do you think you are
by jasongraced December 08, 2012
Reyna is character from the series The Heroes of Olympus. Shes motherfuckin queen of New Rome. Her official title is praetor but that makes it seem like shes the prey when shes actually the killer. Reyna is also Jason Grace's baby mama, no matter if Jason is dating Piper that's okay Jeyna is still canon. Reyna one time asked Percy Jackson if he wanted to bang but he said no and now shes wants his head on a pole to raise high above the Romans she leads with Octavian by her side giving her tips. Reyna is fierce like motherfuckin puma.
Octavian: Okay but make me praetor biatch.
Percy Jackson: Thats why Reyna's hair is so big, it's full of Romans.
Jason Grace: hottie 10/10 would bang
by jasongraced December 09, 2012

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