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1. a clothing brand that has figured out a way to make a $3 t-shirt into a $100 t-shirt. Congratulations.
2. hooray for the hype
Person A: Yo! check out that guy over there with the Supreme shirt
Person B: lucky =
by Brent Chen May 25, 2008
703 110
Highest in rank or authority;paramount;sovereign;cheif

Highest in quality, degree, character, importance

Greatest, utmost, extreme

last or final;ultimate
"The Supreme G"- God
by THE Supreme G February 04, 2005
114 64
really great, super awesome, or fantastic
"Hey, Brice, I got you a coke." "Supreme."
by BCool September 07, 2003
124 98
1. adj. Great, Fantastic, The Best.

2. adj. Including, Containing, or having to do with Sour Cream or Tomatoes.
1. This band is supreme!

2. How does adding sour cream and tomatoes to a taco make it supreme?
by Anonymousx1x July 19, 2006
51 45
Great, Awesome, Liz W**d,
You are Supreme.
by RRcoolJ.lol August 22, 2009
27 46
Boston and New York's largest japanese family extending into the five main boroughs of both cities. This family extends from Formosa Tawain, to Tokyo Japan back into the US. Also a phrase that is most commonly used when one or more of the family is parting each other. Phrase used to signify the strength of the family along with respect.
"yo, i'm bout to be out fam- SUPREME"
"Supreme find out, it's over"
by Yiroshi Moto December 11, 2007
34 53
A dirty little boy Who don't wash himself for like 50 YEARS!!
Supreme, Butt-Nut, Dirty Boy, Fugly, Ugly, Dick, Ass
by Laurra dilson April 25, 2010
21 60