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A person with an obssessive need to hug everyone and everything in sight, even when hit in the face or robbed.
Get the hell off me, you Gaea!
by PwettyGurl May 14, 2011
the bubbliest littlest sweetest cutest most huggable person that walks this world
Awwww what a gaea!
by theproperty August 07, 2010
- ninja
- a chill person
- laid-back
- gives the best high-fives
Four out of five human beings recommend Gaea.
by CureMe November 12, 2007
the G of all Gs. Top most gangster but not gangster as in shooting people..... like ganster style. It can be a guy or a girl

"Man he's gaea!"
"Dang, that's gaea!"
"Dude she's hecka gaea!"
by ggurl March 22, 2009
In Greek mythology she is the Earth. She appeared from the darkness a long time ago but know one really knows her origins. A young women, filled with loneliness, Gaea fell in love with the sky; Uranus. Their children, the Titans, loved Gaea and reffered to her as "Mother Earth" but they feared their father, lord of the universe.
My best friend's mother is so gentle and caring while her father is strict and secluded, it reminded me of Gaea and Uranus
by Takinovr666 May 21, 2009
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