may have a lot of power with the big size = more weight, thats y u need all that power to push the weight.
v8 = slow

y do ya think turbos are invented...to gain as much if not more power and is hell of a lot lighter. let see u race ya v8 on a tight drift track, drag racing is nothing, no skill wat so eva, just put ya foot down and thats it.

try shifting gears while entering a corner, will see were your heavy engine takes u...hopfuly the wall!
Did u see that v8, under steer into the wall, cant understand why... the weight of the engine and the momentom which made it hit into the wall. HUUHH!! well its still a v8 it be alright...HAHAHA!!! not!

Stop draging 4 bangers and take on a 6cy Twin Turbo if ya think ya v8s got so much power. if not learn to drift and/or circut race, then we will see who has the better engine!
by V8 Hater August 16, 2006
Top Definition
A Combustian engine. Called a V8 because it has 8 cylanders arranged in a "V" formation (if you look at it from the front or back), with 4 cylanders on each side. Very common in muscle cars from the 60s and early 70s, the V8 is still a popular motor among Domestic car enthusiasts.
Both the new Ford Mustang GT and Chevrolet Corvette have V8 engines.
by Focal December 31, 2004
a drink no one likes made out of vegtable juice.
now with fruit.
>.< ew! Omg! that's disgusting V8!
by zrcalo of ems June 08, 2005
A kick-ass powerfull engine. Ricers usually tend to flap about how in-effiecient V8's (of the 70's) were. Actually, they were in-efficient only because the lack of technology, now, with new modern muscle cars coming out, such as the Charger and the Mustang, these cars actually compete with Honda's little 4-bangers for MPG. V8's have 8 cylinders arranged in a V pattern, these produce monster amounts of torque and HP, killing rice like no tommorow. New Mustang's have twice the cylinders and about three times the displacement as the Honda Civic, yet still gets 30 MPG highway. Take that, rice burner.
V8's will smoke your ass.
by Rice Hater August 15, 2005
Porn Term: a woman is having four fingers jammed up her anus while another four are jammed up her vagina
Jenna Haze is the queen of the V8...
by kastides July 19, 2004
Eating out a girl on her period
Girl: "Would you like to eat me out right now"
Guy: "Naw your on your period right now that's gross"
Girl: "(Bonks him on head) Could of had a V-8!"

Dude1: "So I saw a movie with Nancy this weekend what did you do?"
Dude3: "Well I got some head from Kendra Boffman, then I had a V-8"
Dude2: (vomits in mouth)
Dude3: "No, not the drink man, a V-8 is when you (explains a V-8)"
Dude2: "Oh" (Then vomits all over Dude3)
by Andrew Strom April 09, 2008
A real engine. Dosent matter if its Chev, Dodge, Holden, Ford its gonna beat the shit out of a fart-can possesing turbo four cylinder. Think about it: You do the exact equivilent modifications to a v8 powerhouse and to a 4 cylinder fart-box you will always get more horses out of the v8. Its simple maths. More cylinders= More Displacement.
I love it when i scream past a wanker in a 4 cylinder hatchback with a 10 inch tacho and 36 inch exhaust, and scare the absolute shit out of him, with my Holden ute, powered by a quality Australian V8.
by fucknuckle October 27, 2006
A real engine.
Try towing a boat without a V8.
by bubba November 13, 2003

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