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(plural Chevi; from the French word Chevalier, meaning Knight or "mounted soldier") 

1 Two dots in a row that signifies a well-thought out or important statement with the intent of being seen by a large number of people, usually on the internet..

2 In text messaging, the two dots denote a statement that expects a response..
Example 1 using a Chev:
"Not a lot of brains, but that Artichoke had heart.."

Example 2 using a Chev:
"I couldn't stop laughing at that terrible joke, haha.."
"Thanks :) It just came to me."
by jonnubroth October 29, 2011
chev is an adjective meaning: cool, awesome, nice, sweet, etc. it means the noun is amazingly kick-ass. derived from chevrolet's chevelle.
damn that shit is chev!
chev, man, chev!
by OSAMA B. April 30, 2005
One reem mother fucker
Did you see Chev the other day at the WWE, he was reem... you wouldn't know, you weren't their
by Playaz1990 May 05, 2011
meaning marijuana cigarrette, orginates from the word that results from typing "bift" into a nokia phone on predictive text.
fancy a chev?

i could really do with a chev!
by michael mcdonald April 26, 2005
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